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“Analog” Little Helpers In The Office

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envelopes office furniture decorating tips Office

Even if the Office life has changed more in the last few years there are many workers who may be missing in any Office in digital times. Since mid years of the 80s by the Office 2.0, alternatively the paperless office talking. In times of increasing digitalisation, analog equipment and hence paper would sooner or later superfluous. But even in… Read more »

Cool Desktops Refresh The Atmosphere In Your Home Office

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set up home office desk drawers

Cool desks and you can fall right for your job! Cool desktops help you fall easily in your job. Sometimes, you can make a really big difference. One thing is certain: A better desk will make your work more effective and enjoyable. Many people are not themselves how much they of the atmosphere during the work are affected until you… Read more »

Glass Desk – The Most Beautiful Accessory For Your Minimalist Office Furniture

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Office furniture ideas glass desk Home Office set up

Beautiful, and up-to-date interior design ideas with glass desks A beautiful modern work desk can be drawn from many different materials. The modern versions are distinguished from each other even after many other criteria. Some models are compact and designed specially for small rooms. Others are suitable only for very large room, with its beautiful shape. Finally, there are also… Read more »

Desk Itself-building – 60 Exceptional DIY Office Tables

stained wood inexpensive table lamp desk itself
Koloro desk Japanese Studio design window

Useful suggestions for every taste and lifestyle – DIY projects We want to further develop our theme ‘Offices and work rooms’ and that’s why it comes today with us how to a build desk itself .We have presented some ideas for wall-mounted and free-standing desks for you on our website and now we will show you some ideas on how… Read more »

A Height-adjustable Desk In The Bedroom Could Be Very Handy

height-adjustable Desk Office furniture and nursery furniture
height-adjustable desk furniture nursery and office equipment

For or against the adjustable furniture in the nursery Many home owners with little experience would probably spontaneously think you should answer this question with “Yes” of course. That sounds obvious… Basically, we say whatever multifunctional and adjustable furniture for the modern lifestyle is ideally. In children and adults much more even, we would say. They would grow with the… Read more »

Designer Desk “Workinmotion” For A Modern Work Atmosphere

designer desk Fedor Katcuba Workinmotion Office desk
Fedor Katcuba Workinmotion designer Desk Office furniture

“Workinmotion” designer desk by Fedor Katcuba According to modern Office looks, we have designer encountered looking desk the “Workinmotion” – a compact and mobile office desk. The idea and realization of a portable office desk is one of the Russian furniture designer and architect Fedor Katcuba. “Workinmotion” is a relatively small office table, which but finds place in the great… Read more »

Designer Desks: Analog Memory Desk

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designer desks analog memory desk

Analog memory desk by designer Kirsten Camara Kirsten Camara has been working as a graphic designer, but she has realized some furniture designs under their projects. One we found particularly fascinating and would like to introduce specially this. The American designer has designed a desk, analog is called memory desk. What makes him so unique, is the idea that lies… Read more »

Conference Table Design From Boeing 747 From MotoArt

design from Boeing 747 Office conference table
design from Boeing 747 ideas conference table

The company MotoArt, located in Southern California, has designed a conference table from Boeing 747 large aircraft. The Studio is known as a pioneer of the furniture designs from recycled airplane parts. But this innovative Office desk is perhaps his grandest project. The table looks extremely hip and modern with mirror polishing and custom engine inside of. Internal, colorful LED… Read more »

Designer Desk And Bed In A Tree

designer desk and extendable bed Design
Mira Schröder designer Berlin desk bed Office blouse

We have a great suggestion for those who work from home. (or sleep in the Office)! Designed by designer Mira Schröder is this desk for any limited living space. This piece is equipped with a button, transform the bed into a desk. The table top is large enough and has even extra storage area for your stationery. With regard to… Read more »

Computer Tables, A Creative Working Atmosphere Creation

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PC tables furniture design computer desk wood minimalist design

Chic and modern computer desks We live in a world where personal well-being is increasingly in the foreground. We have learned that this is as a base for the highest achievement in our society at all levels. The furniture at home play a very important role. Computer tables are no exception You must be super convenient, because one or the… Read more »