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Make Scented Candles Yourself – Wellness On Your Own

scented candles themselves make ethereal oils
scented candles themselves make aromatic oils

After the many DIY ideas that we regularly and gladly share with you, we would like to further enrich your knowledge and skills. For today’s article, we have again selected a sensory perception and show some simple ways how you can make scented candles. For this purpose, we will lean on past articles. The fun will be guaranteed and each… Read more »

Over 20 DIY Ideas On How To Make A Christmas Tree

diy christmas tree creative craft fairy lights christmas tree charms
christmas tree crafting books side table

Winter is on the threshold and soon it will be Christmas again! The Christmas tree is waiting to be dressed up in a beautiful robe… But if you want to put on something unusual at the Christmas decoration this year, then try to make the Christmas tree yourself! You will be amazed what creative ideas can be put into action!… Read more »

DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas – 35 Untypical Christmas Decoration Ideas

diy christmas decoration ideas christmas tree deco pendant wood
diy christmas decoration ideas christmas tree palettes

Christmas enchants young and old with the extraordinary atmosphere of the festival. And the Christmas decoration is the clearest indicator for the coming holidays. So join in Christmas by making beautiful Christmas decorations yourself! They will certainly make for a nice pre-Christmas time with family and friends! Windows, table, walls: Everything has to hint at Christmas! And of course, the… Read more »

Firewood Store The Decorative Side Of The Firewood

Firewood store internally
Firewood is internally wooded

Firewood is one of the latest trends in interior design. If you have already thought about how to store firewood, which makes your home more comfortable and inviting, you will find here a few answers and inspiration. Decorate with firewood and always have it on hand Through the wood the room looks even more comfortable and warmer Generous wall niches… Read more »

30 DIY Ideas For Crafts With Shells From The Summer Holiday

Tinkering with shells summer holiday tinkering with natural materials diy ideas colorful
Tinker with shells summer vacation tinker with natural materials diy ideas shells glass

Is there anything more beautiful than walking along the beach during summer holidays and admiring and collecting the innumerable and perfect treasures of nature? Shell shells, colorful pebbles and different snail shells mix with the sand and create a fantastic holiday that you would like to keep forever. Many people like to collect small works of art that have been… Read more »

29 inspiring ideas for wooden Easter decor with instructions

Wooden earthenware upcycling ideas with natural materials wood art
Wooden earthenware upcycling ideas old wooden boards

Sustainable and timeless ideas on how to make wooden Easter decorations The flowery and beautiful Easter festival is almost already at our doorstep and it seems as if all nature had noticed this solemn mood. Trees and spring flowers bloom, as”they would be paid for it”and it might even happen that the whole bird world would sing the most beautiful… Read more »