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Individual Jewelry Storage- Over 50 DIY Ideas For Jewelry Stands

Jewelry store jewelery store diy ideas dezaent
Jewelry jewelery storage diy ideas ikea parts wooden box

Whether you are on holiday, on the Internet or in the city looking for beautiful clothes and eye-catching accessories, you can not buy new earrings or bracelets around. Jewelery is also sought at the flea market and also as a gift jewelery, various jewelery classes represent a guarantee for joy. Jewelery can also be inherited, jewelery can be exchanged, and… Read more »

Samsung Galaxy S6 Hull Auto Shapes

Samsung Galaxy S6 hull self figures
Samsung Galaxy S6 hull with Swook design

Fashion covers itself with just a few clicks Samsung Galaxy S6 The Galaxy are among the great successes of Samsung models. As a premium device enjoys an excellent reputation worldwide the Samsung Galaxy and it can with models such as iPhone, iPad and Z take on the Xperia. Both design and hardware of Samsung Galaxy convinced devices in tests. Many… Read more »

Unusual Wood Jewelry From Colorful Pencils

wood jewelry multi colored pencils Upcycling
wood jewelry pencils earrings

Find the special wood jewelry! Upcycling is possible in every area. We have shown that often enough for you. We are very excited about this topic and are constantly on the lookout for new inspiring ideas. So we have the lovely wooden jewellery by the young Czech designer recently Anna Čurlejova discovered. At first glance, their jewelry pieces as paint… Read more »

Steampunk Jewelry Ideas – Unlimited Creativity And Attention To Detail

steampunk jewelry images collage
steampunk jewelry old watch Castle

Steampunk jewelry – great DIY ideas for necklaces, rings and bracelets We have some very interesting ideas from the steampunk art show. It was especially to sculpture and interior design. Today we present you a magnificent jewelry collection, which consists of the old watches.  The idea comes from two creative women from Hampshire, United Kingdom.  Elaine and Alice are mother and… Read more »

Bottles Decoration Christmas – DIY Christmas Decorations From Recycled Bottles

Flaschendeko Christmas spray balls Golden
Flaschendeko Christmas spray glitter

Low-cost decorative bottles to Christmas crafts As the winter holidays are again close, we want to introduce some beautiful craft ideas for Christmas decorations from bottles and corks. Some enthusiasts are even not skilled hobbyists, but anyone can use old, reusable materials and make magnificent decoration. For all wine lovers among you we have creative craft ideas on the subject… Read more »