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Sorbian Easter Eggs – Masterfully Hand-painted Creations

Sorbian Easter eggs coloured flower heart vine
Sorbian Easter eggs filigree flowers

Sorbian Easter eggs – traditional Slavic artworks The Sorbs are a Western Slavic people which is recognized as a national minority in Germany and in Saxony and Brandenburg, living in areas of the middle and lower Lusatia. One of the main traditions of the Sorbs is decorating the Easter eggs. Meanwhile, the Sorbian Easter eggs have become so well known… Read more »

How Can You All Light Original Easter Eggs Shapes?

tape Easter eggs shapes Strip letters
Easter eggs patterns figures Strip dyeing letters

Make your Easter eggs with original patterns that you can easily create With graphic patterns, you might make these Easter eggs in fact easily and amusingly. Ask yourself how, we will tell you the following Vorgehnsweise step by step. Here are the materials you need: Tape/adhesive tape Eierfarben Towel White vinegar Vinyl stickers, letter Create a pattern according to your… Read more »

Fresh Table Decorations For Easter

fresh table decorations Easter flower pot grass pink artificial flowers
blue painted fresh table decorations for Easter eggs

Cute, bright decorations for festive Easter Dear readers, today, we have a few cute examples of a festively decorated table for Easter, which can be of benefit for you. Create your own package, letting yourself be fascinated by our proposals.Above all, you should know the following:the White is trendy! The pastel colors and cute decoration with flowers have become trendy… Read more »

40 Decorations For Easter Decor With Easter Eggs

decorating for Easter decor with gorgeous Easter eggs
decorating Easter decoration Easter grass

Are ready for Easter Easter decoration is quite universal and generally, therefore, it is very funny to make it yourself. Here, there are some ideas that will surely inspire. Therefore, get to work and create a unique, extraordinary atmosphere of Easter! First paint Easter eggs – ever more colorful and brighter, the better! Decorate these with self-adhesive stickers, printed and… Read more »

Table Decorations For Easter

table decorations for Easter egg shell pink white spotted
table decorations for Easter eggshell floral Blau Spaniel

Some ideas for how you can decorate festive Easter the table The great feast of Easter is already upon us. There is a fresh and festive mood, which they accomplished with colorful, beautiful spring flowers everywhere. Here we want to introduce ways arranged more ideas for interesting decoration with Easter eggs on various – packaged in nests, in small flower… Read more »