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Scandinavian Living: Much More Than A Trendy Homecoming

Scandinavian living small apartment kitchen dining wall shelter bedroom
Scandinavian interior style white kitchen cabinets

“Scandinavian living”has been on everyone’s mind for some time. It is about a residential trend, which is characterized by elegant simplicity and optimal functionality. Similar to the Bauhaus style, the Scandinavian interior design is followed by the form of the function and not vice versa. This also results in the practical character and the clear profile of Scandinavian furniture and… Read more »

The Right Washing Machine Is To Be Found…

Which washer machine one should choose
New washer machine right

No household can work properly without a washing machine. Every day the clothes have to be washed and also bed linen, bath towels and curtains need optimal care and cleaning. Now imagine you have to do all this without a washing machine! This would be time-consuming and exhaustive if you wash the laundry by hand, and secondly, not very cost-effectively,… Read more »

Wood Furniture And Floor Coverings Made Of Real Wood

Wood furniture wood preservation wood stains wood staining stain correctly apply
Wood furniture wood care staircase white color wood lacquer covering

Echtholz remains one of the most popular materials both in the outdoor area and in the interior design. We all know his warm, pleasant charisma, which gives us a comfortable feeling of comfort and security. In order to preserve the authentic beauty of the wood surface for an extended period of time, you should be familiar with some. Whether it… Read more »

Scandinavian Design In The Dining Room – 50 Inspiring Ideas For A Cozy And Stylish Dining Area

Scandinavian design in the dining room with fancy chairs
Scandinavian set up the dining room white dining table and patchwork dining room

Scandinavian living is a long-lasting trend, which is also very popular today. If you like it simple and comfortable at home, the Scandinavian design certainly pleases! Because it is indeed quite harmonious, but not boring in any case! Scandinavian spaces fascinate by a successful mixture of naturalness and style. This feeling of living is therefore not only brought into the… Read more »