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5 Practical Tricks To Clean Hardwood Floors

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hardwood floors clean cleaning tricks ideas of floor cleaning detergents natural

Clean hardwood floors – surprisingly effective and simple tips Wood flooring is a great option for the design of the apartment. But like everything else, such floors need the appropriate care. Many House residents wrongly consider these too costly and therefore rely on other floor coverings. We want to unveil this myth. The maintenance of a hardwood floor can be… Read more »

Parquet, So Said As Never

parquet lay said as never
parquet lay tips said to like never before

Parquet floors are announced. In different colors and many different Woods available, they adorn the surfaces of housing floors as a floor covering and allow a pleasant living environment. There are different types: there are planks, which are rather oblong boards, then there are small square pattern, or but also rod-shaped pattern. In ancient times, there were elaborate parquet publisher… Read more »

Which Flooring Is Right For Me?

Parquet set select the correct parquet floor

Which flooring is right for me? In hardly any other area of Interior design, there are so many different options and possibilities, as is the case with the parquet. With exactly this in mind you the question arises, what kind of fine soil now really the best is suitable to make the space in the desired manner now as consumers…. Read more »

Flooring Bathroom – What Options Are Available?

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Some ideas on how you lay the flooring bathroom The bathroom is a special room. Nowadays, sacrificing much trouble and according to time and money for the design of the perfect bathroom. This striving is evident in every respect. You be careful to select the right color schemes to choose the most appropriate sanitary objects and to leave the bathroom… Read more »

Sound Insulation As Underlay For Parquet And Laminate

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Basic knowledge about sound insulation and interior insulation The sound insulation is important not only on the basis of own comfort. It is now required by law. Running on the stairs, as well as the relocation of furniture may be heard outside of the own budget. How can you make your floor sound damping? The sound absorbing subflooring must be… Read more »

Types Of Wood – Useful Information And Practical Tips For Your Outdoor Area

types of wood flooring outdoor patio
types of wood flooring veranda ash

Find species – appropriate material for the veranda and wooden fences Every house owner wants to spread his living room overlooking the garden. There, however, one encounters difficulties of very different character. The materials, which provide us comfort, must be chosen with more caution. Today we focus on two elements of garden design. What wood material, the garden fences and… Read more »