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Vintage Tiles Give Every Room An Individual Charm

vintage tiles bathroom fresh pattern
vintage tiles fresh pattern floor wood look

The old has long been modern again. Vintage tiles are a popular design element in modern interior design. And not without a reason: they are a great way to make living space comfortable! So they appear in almost every room: in the living and dining area, in the bedroom and bathroom, in the hallway and in the kitchen. Would you… Read more »

Beautiful Fashion Home With Tile

tiles bathroom tiles floor tile pattern ideas
dark blue wall tiles tiles murals houseplants

With tiles on walls and floors get aesthetics and durability in your home. For that, from the outset thought, you must be what type of tile is best for your claim. A tile must meet different requirements depending on the type of use. In addition to purpose and quality optics and personal preferences play a role. Before you choose a… Read more »

Modern Flooring In White For Your Comfortable Home

flooring hardwood floors white chairs white pendant luminaires of round padded carpet of knitted pouf
flooring white dining room table cloth of lace benches natural wood stool crocheted covers

Modern flooring in white Increasingly perceived the white floor coverings as a particularly modern. You have clearly distinct advantages and disadvantages. The good side of the modern white floor coverings is that they enlarge the space and refine. The downside is that they are sometimes really difficult to maintain. The usual pros and cons can be more or less severe… Read more »

Ceramic Tiles In The Different Areas

ceramic tiles white Schick plant flooring
ceramic tiles living room flooring chic corner sofa panoramic window

Dress up the floor of the various rooms in ceramic tiles Faces a renovation? Then you must decide now also for a new floor covering. The ceramic tileswould be a possible option, but you are not sure whether they would be right for your home? We want to help you to make the right decision. Let’s together closer the main… Read more »

88 Italian Cerdisa-Ceramiche Tiles

Achistone d bloomstone floor tiles Italy
Gainsboro NAT part books Cerdisa tiles

Cerdisa-Ceramiche is 1959 and offers exquisite wall tiles in response to the development of innovative production technologies at Ceramiche Ricchetti Spa group. Cerdisa is one of the first factories, which produces porcelain stoneware porcelain tiles and gaining recognition in the largest area of the project. Today is a wide range of ceramic floor and wall tiles with a high technological… Read more »

Tile Wood Look – The Secret Of Unique Floors And Walls

tiles colored elegant wood finish Ceramica Sant Agostino
wood tiles floor design floor tile Ceramica Sant'Agostino

Tiles wood lend more elegance the walls and the floor Certainly, you want that your interior design is not only beautiful, but also sustainable. Therefore, it carefully selects the appropriate material for the relevant room Interior. Materials have also an additional property – they change the manner on which one perceives the room. In the living room, different types of… Read more »