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The Role Of Shelves In Furniture Design 39 Cool Ideas

moebeldesign shelves installation examples decode ideas living room premium 40
moebeldesign shelves installation examples decode ideas living room premium 30

Furniture design or wall decoration – what do you think? It would be wonderful, if optimal use of the limited space in your small apartment. Perceive all visible and invisible storage possibilities and try to forgive an aesthetic look to the whole. How to do that because, you would ask yourself?-don’t panic! With our daily contributions we give you plenty of… Read more »

Optimum Use Of Space By Corner Shelf

corner shelf ikea corner shelf itself build corner shelf wood corner shelf living room wall decoration-decode creative of diy ideen18
corner shelf ikea corner shelf itself build corner shelf wood corner shelf living room wall decoration-decode creative of diy ideen1

The corner shelf, what changed your home so much Even if we really very precisely to plan our living room, and you want to combine the modern with the practical as a designer, there are still tricks that we can win even more space in our small apartment. A trained eye will recognize every potential opportunity to accommodate your belongings… Read more »

Where The Wood Art And Furniture Design Merge Into Each Other

Woodcraft möbeldesign premium solid wood furniture 28
Woodcraft möbeldesign premium solid wood furniture 10

Develop our senses the Woodcraft and furniture The wood is a popular material of many designers and artists and the reasons for this are numerous and comprehensible. The natural material can be processed relatively easily and allows the emergence of many wonderful objects, in the furniture industry as well as in the entire room concept. In practical terms you could… Read more »

IKEA News – Our Favorites From The PS Collection 2017

ikea news coffee table-red ps kollektion2017 living room ideas
ikea news ps collection 2017 Chair

The PS collection 2017 – IKEA new products for your interior with style Thank goodness it’s finally February and not only the fifth season has already started, but also the new PS collection by IKEA is here again. Fabulous! PS here really is PostScript, as well as at the end of a letter. With this type of collection, the IKEA… Read more »

About Environmental Sustainability, Tinkering With Cardboard And Cardboard Furniture 60 Recycling Ideas

room design ideas tinkering with cardboard sleeves DIY ideas decoration ideas interior designer lamp furniture from cardboard bettgestell33
room design ideas tinkering with cardboard sleeves DIY ideas decoration ideas Innendesigner27

Environmental sustainability and cardboard furniture trend 2017 In today’s article we are dealing with the coveted issue of sustainability. This intelligent life philosophy moves not only people with ecological awareness, but inspired and provoked more and more interior designer. According to the estimations of 2017, environmental sustainability is a particularly expressed in the alternative furniture construction and interior design. Thanks… Read more »

Scandinavian Design At The Furniture Fair IMM Cologne 2017

Scandinavian design actona company Danish furniture IMM 2017
home textiles Røros tweed of IMM 2017 Scandinavian live

Scandinavian design is still in vogue Scandinavian design and Nordic life are and remain always a symbol of stylish simplicity, trendy nonchalance and optimum functionality. Always a great value is placed on perfect living comfort and uncompromising comfort. Because namely weather play your own four walls in the North and nature requires a more important role and but also a… Read more »

Stylish And It Must Be Convenient

modern interior design ideas living room of yellow armchair sofa open living plan
modern interior design ideas home ideas bedroom bettdesign floor design

Stylish and it must be convenient There are a lot of aspects that must be taken into account when setting up a new apartment. Because in addition to practical and cost aspects, also the optics is an important factor in establishing. Because of course your home to set up, that you feel each time, when you enter the apartment. Already… Read more »

IMM Cologne 2017 – The International Furniture Trade Fair Sets The Tone Again!

imm cologne 2017 residential trends furniture trends furniture fair Cologne
imm cologne 2017 livingkitchen pedini hi macs

What are the latest furniture trends in 2017? 1360 international exhibitors from some 50 countries have given the answer to this question last week, have unveiled their latest collections and products in terms of housing and setting up the public on IMM Cologne 2017. Parallel to the furniture fair, the exciting kitchen event – ran “LivingKitchen 2017”, which takes place… Read more »

Antique Fittings And Lamps For Stylish Design

antique fittings lamps nachhalige products cottage of stylishly retro furniture set up gestalungsideen
antique fittings products nachhalige country house style retro furniture

Impressive lamps and antique fittings in the retro-design Although the modern world dictates its own rules in interior design, come antique fittings and lamps not out of fashion. Straight and simple lines offer incomparably more space and light, but there are moments where you want to feel important and enjoy the comfort of a “Royal family”. If you are interested… Read more »

Fine Teak Furniture Create More Comfort

teak furniture set drawers
mumbai teak furniture coffee table

Valuable and universal teak is a true artist when it comes to housing and set up. This tropical wood looks not only very classy and comfortable, but at the same time has very important properties that make it very suitable for indoor as well as outdoor. Extremely weather resistant and hard-wearing teak is among the most popular wood par excellence…. Read more »