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15 Well-known And Bee-friendly Plants For Garden Or Balcony

In addition to all fashionable trends and vain appearances, many people try to make their lives sensible and environmentally conscious. The news that we human beings unfortunately already long ago on credit to the earth, should have already reached all heads. Our task now would be to reconsider consumption and to finally accomplish what is in our hands. Apart from… Read more »

10 Garden Trends To Follow In The Summer Of 2018

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garden trends summer 2018 gardening tips bee forget-me-not

The garden season is already officially inaugurated, the garden design is fixed and thus you can quietly keep an eye on the upcoming garden trends in the summer of 2018. Who cultivates a garden, knows exactly that you can never stand still and continue digging in his garden and want to implement other great ideas. The global trend of sustainability,… Read more »

Bees: What Are The Best Plants For Busy Bees?

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Would you like to create a real paradise for bees and bumblebees in your own garden? Then you definitely need some of these plants. Or maybe all of them? Of course, then come the beautiful butterflies and all together pollinate flowers and shrubs, shrubs and trees. With a bee-friendly garden with plenty of bee pasture, you ensure at the same… Read more »

Safety In Gardening – This Is To Be Considered

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Work in your own garden in the evening after work, spend the weekends in the fresh air and transform the property into a small oasis – how many people dream of this or have already realized this dream? Without question, working in the garden can be very relaxing or help to eliminate the everyday frustration of grass clippings and weeds… Read more »

Guerilla Gardening Beautifies Neglected Urban Areas

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guerrilla gardening garden

Guerrilla Gardening is not a modern phenomenon or short-term garden trend. It is more of a philosophy and silent rebellion that finds its expression in beauty and life. As early as 1969 in San Francisco and later in New York by artist Liz Christy as a social protest against structures, monopolistic Domination and neglect began, has remained an underground movement… Read more »