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The Miniteich: Design Possibilities And Tips

Fass miniteich
Stone water pond

Have you already thought of a miniteich? That would be a wonderful summery project. For your design you need little time or you can buy a finished mini-shop in the trade. Each pond in the Mini format serves as a nice accent in the garden. It also brings freshness and calm. You get all these advantages at the price of… Read more »

To Build A Raised Bed From Wooden Pallets: So Go!

Reach more easily
Flower bed palettes

Would you like to build an extra bed? You can choose from several different materials. You can build such a construction from metal, plastic, stone or wood. The first two options are easier to install. In this case you have to deal with prefabricated parts. You can install these without any special skills. DIY projects for raised beds made of… Read more »

Feng Shui Garden – Create Your Own Place Of Silence

Feng shui garden stone column zen
Feng shui garden pond water lily

According to the Feng Shui philosophy, the garden is no less important than any other space in a house. If you arrange these according to the appropriate rules, you will ensure in your house for well-being and very good luck. Among other things, you would also provide for much better relationships between family members. We are also convinced that the… Read more »

Design Aspects Of The Theme”Hochbeetet”

Brick frames and interesting figures
Wood great color flash accent

The subject of”laying up beds”is usually considered for practical reasons. The advantages for the Modern garden design Are in fact many. Bunk beds facilitate early sowing and allow good harvesting. The plants used there are less susceptible to frost. In a raised bed you can also reach a better ground quality. The simplest care is also decisive. However, the garden… Read more »