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I’ll Give You A Day – The Perfect Birthday

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The birthday is always a special day – a year may be older but not everyone, for 24 hours to be in the center is however something great, which should happen to each at least once a year. To the partner, the dear friend or a family member this special day to make a gift, creates great memories and strengthens… Read more »

19 Natural Essential Oils And Their Tradition, Effect And Therapy

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Natural essential oils Aromatic oils cinnamon

Natural essential oils have been used for therapeutic, ritual and hygienic purposes in ancient times. Various evidence shows the important importance of the oils for the ancient Greeks, Egyptians, Romans, Chinese and Indians. Even then, people knew complicated procedures to gain natural essences and valuable essential oils. The aroma oils have a beneficial effect on our mind and body The… Read more »

Mothers Day Present Without Stress – So It Goes!

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Mother’s Day gifts are something you should take time and rest. As often as you want to do, but it often does not work. You do not want to get something fast, but we have to deal with the tight time. We now have some tips for you to help you in such situations. Stick to this as a kind… Read more »

8 Gift Ideas For Boys And Girls

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There are many reasons to make a joy to children with attention. But whether birthdays, Easter, Christmas or unique occasions such as communion: to find original gifts, is often not easy. We have arranged 8 gift ideas to help you decide. Kids gifts for boys and girls About Pirates! -Ideas for gifts Pirates are among the most popular figures of… Read more »

10 Ideas For Original Christmas Gifts In Blue Colors

10 ideas for original Christmas gifts in blue
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Here are 10 tips for original Christmas gifts in beautiful color blue I’m looking for original Christmas gifts that are not typical. Blue is the color of well-being, spirituality, hope, and love for God. It is the color of the intangible, the horizons and infinity. Blue symbolizes purity, beauty, truth, loyalty, generosity, trust… Blue accumulates energy fields, which make us… Read more »

Order The Correct Advent Calendar Online

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Advent, advent, a light is burning… Yes, the contemplative advent season is just around the corner and we start the festive mood to feel slow. Soon, everything can be pretty white and quiet. Who knows, maybe there’s this year for many of our White Christmas! However, with snow or not, this Festival remains every year of one of the most… Read more »

Wellness Gift Ideas In The Form Of A Pampering Gift Voucher


Give pleasure, give well-being, give time off! These are some of the most beautiful gifts at all, because they are soothing for body, mind and soul. Whether for a wedding anniversary or birthday, Christmas or just to… Wellness gift ideas are always welcome. Spa time is simply different hotels and resorts and the stressful everyday life seems to be incredibly… Read more »

Individual Packaging Material – The Trend For Modern Marketing

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Individual packaging material – the trend for modern marketing Dimensions are notoriously expensive. Who want to afford such individual pieces must engage often deeper in the Pocket. There are however already modern individual solutions on the market that make affordable custom-made almost for everyone. The same goes for individual packaging. The individualisation of products can be implemented today with limited… Read more »

Handmade Silver Rings And Other Precious Items On DaWanda

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Designer silver rings inspired by nature If artists and designers need new creative ideas, very often contact the inexhaustible source of inspiration in nature. There, everything is somehow… of course. In each area you can feel balance then intuitively relaxing this influence – and security at the same time. Especially when the jewelry is that perception directly and intensively, because… Read more »

8 Creative DIY Ideas For Personal Gifts

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You would love this DIY ideas A homemade gift is always better than something bought and often too conventional. Especially if the person being beschenkende already has everything or it’s hard to find something suitable for them, the chance to make his own creativity and skill to the test results. The 8 included DIY ideas are relatively easy to get… Read more »