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77 Modern Bathroom Tiles Ideas Of The Italian Company Of Cerdomus

Anima bathroom beige shades tiles Cerdomus modern bathroom tiles
exotic bathroom design Buddha shape modern bathroom tiles

Bathroom tiles ideas to suit all tastes The Italian factory Cerdomus proves to be the leader in the production of ceramic granite tiles. To use contemporary technology and the best composite how – get white clay in Germany and the Ukraine. The production is characterized by very high quality characteristics. Each tile Cerdomus is checked for quality, thus avoiding cracks and… Read more »

Granite Tile Installation: This Is Trendy!

granite tiles laying flooring granite ideas
granite tiles laying flooring ideas black tiles

The irreplaceable granite tiles Each flooring has certain advantages and disadvantages. But the granite tiles are a successful and refined choice for many centuries. It’s always good to pull it as an option to consider. You are a subspecies of the ceramic tiles. The other is terracotta. In all cases, it is a very good choice. Floor covering made of… Read more »

120 Fine Porcelain Stoneware Tiles From Italy By La Fabbrica

fusion bronze Platinum tile wall floor
Fantasia Cucina Fondo Orchestra style porcelain stoneware tiles from Italy

La Fabbrica is an Italian company that professionally deals with manufacture of ceramic stoneware and is currently known for its high-quality products worldwide. Further accessories such as corners Sims planing, decoration and trim come from this company. Most of his collections you might here see and evaluate. Porcelain stoneware tiles from Italy When one hears the word “China”, one immediately… Read more »

120 Italian Tile Designs Of Rex

Alabastri Di Rex stair flooring Italian tile designs
Alabastri Di Rex stair flooring tiles floor

The Italian designer has fascinated the culture of different peoples factory “Rex”, by it has highlighted accents such as luxury, style and natural beauty. All tile designs and collections are created from granite and have properties such as toughness and hardness, which make the tiles suitable also for outdoor use. Italian tile designs – the Alabastri di Rex collection The… Read more »