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Trendy Hairstyles 2018- The Perfect Complement To The Summer Look

trend hairstyles summer 2018 braids short unisex
trend hairstyles summer 2018 braids hairstyles short bube

At the latest for the summer one would like to have attuned oneself with the current fashion tendencies and naturally with the trend hairstyles 2018. And if until recently our work has distracted us from feeling really beautiful, you can treat yourself to some beauty moments for the upcoming holidays. Today, we want to look at the hottest hairstyles for… Read more »

40+ Heidi Klum Hairstyles As Inspiration For Your Chic Summer Look

2017 MTV Video Music Awards
heidi klum hairstyle with casual curls strobing

International top model and quadruple supermama Heidi Klum continues to shine with full brilliance every time and set new styling trends. In addition to her unmistakable smile, her hairstyles are always a real eye-catcher. Whether on the”Germany’s Next Top Model”,”America’s Got Talent”, on the front page of Vogue or Ell e, at the Emmy Awards or as a presenter of… Read more »

Hair Accessories That Really Rock In The Spring Of 2018

hair accessories 2018 hair tender
hair accessories 2018 chains

Although the beginning of spring is delayed a bit, you can already feel the first spring fever and the freshly awakened zest for life everywhere. Even the fashion trends are not delayed with the first proposals for the new spring / summer season. The new fashion year starts with a flourish and this time the music literally plays on our… Read more »

Stylish Hairstyles With Hairband Spread Charm And Joy In Winter

diadem hairbands inspiration example
simple hairstyles with hair band braid pinned up

In winter we like to wear our hair tied or pinned up. This is better for their care in the cold and our face is more effective on the thick pullovers. These and other advantages speak in favor of this hairstyling. Simple and effective hairstyles with hairband make us look very stylish. Noble hairstyles with hairband Diadem-like hair bands could… Read more »

Bandana Tie For An Extraordinary Outfit In 29 Examples

Bandana bind colored accents
ideas to bandana tie long hair decorate

Accessories are the extra to the outfit. If the clothes seem too neutral, they will provide first aid and make the simple look something special. With a few accents, you can upgrade your overall appearance in an instant. In addition to jewelery, sounds and scarves can save a boring look. For this bandanas are perfect. Let’s see how to achieve… Read more »

Fashionable Hairstyles 2017/18 -Es Long Live The Short Haircut

Trendfrisuren 2017 title2
Fashion trends 2017 haartrends 2018

Each season bears the appropriate color tendencies and forms, which are regarded as modern in all creative areas. In order for a model line and the corresponding silhouette to appear complete, the hair should also work harmoniously. The world of fashion is tirelessly tireless with proposals that range from daring to classic and conventional. That is to say, everyone finds… Read more »

Bob Hairstyles: So Celebrities Wear Their Short Hair

Gigi Hadid Short Hairstyles 2015 Hollywood Celebrities Bob Hairstyles
Short Hairstyles 2015 Hollywood Celebrities Bob Hairstyles Karlie Kloss

The Bob hairstyle is the favorite short-hairstyle of many ladies. Fashion-conscious women choose a bob because it is very feminine and easy to maintain, and at the same time many styling variations are possible. Hollywood stars also know the benefits of the Bob hairstyle. Below we list 15 famous ladies, who have shown themselves with a trendy Bob-Variation. Topmodel Gigi… Read more »