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Medieval Clothing: Matching Occasions And Trends

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Do you have middle age clothes in your wardrobe? This question might seem strange to some. For others it will probably sound quite natural, as medieval markets, knight festivals and various carnival events have been a strong trend in recent years. One likes to identify oneself with earlier times and personages. So you probably discover other aspects of your own… Read more »

Hawolleen Nail Design Ideas For Making Up

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Hawolleen nail design ideas by PiggieLuv Have you already chosen your Halloween costume and fully thought out your festive styling? The night before all Saints Day is just in a few days and it’s already time for the final preparations. To enjoy a really Creepy Halloween party, are accessories of the utmost importance. The right details give always the finishing… Read more »

Great Ideas For Halloween Party


Not for long, and Halloween is knocking at the door. Who want to have a big celebration on the legs, should hurry up therefore. Hilarious costume party or perfectly thought-out murder mystery dinner: let your guests know and plunge into the preparations! We have tips and information collected here, which guaranteed the party is a blast. Prepare motto First, you… Read more »

Halloween Ideas For A Memorable Halloween Party

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Halloween ideas, how to make attractive his Halloween party The change of season from summer to autumn is always resemble exciting transition period, which is associated with cool temperatures and beautiful nuances. But autumn brings also a unique Tin freshness with him, although he represents the end of beautiful summer. The leaves change color and thus, also our mood changes…. Read more »

Halloween Hairstyles: 20 Inspiring Children Hairstyles For The Evening Before All Saints Day

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Cool kids hairstyles for Halloween Who would be the most about Halloween? We, adults, but the joy of the small is but several times larger. And for this reason, we believe that we are responsible to organize a cheerful children’s Party. This includes of course original Halloween costumes and matching hairstyles. Learn about how you could thematically style the hair… Read more »