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10 Healthy Foods For A Flat Stomach

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delicious bananas healthy food

If you want to reduce belly fat, then you need to do some things at the same time. On the one hand, you should definitely certain sports exercises do. In addition, you would have to make some changes in your diet. For most people, the second aspect is a bit more difficult. But we have very good news: you do… Read more »

Dry And Store Herbs – Tips And Tricks

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Dry drying rosemary dry and store

Summer is the season for harvesting herbs and fruits. In many of our articles we have dealt in detail with the effect of some herbs. Now is the time to broaden the topic and learn how to dry and properly store herbs. As always, we make it easy for ourselves (and for you as well) and start with the best… Read more »

Seven Healthy Foods For The Summer Barbecue

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An inseparable part of the beautiful summer, the evenings with friends on the grill. However, we often associate this with traditions that are not particularly healthy, which include a great deal of meat and alcohol. But everything can be very healthy! We could help you select healthy foods for the barbecue. Here are our 7 tips! They were chosen in… Read more »

Why Are Marigolds Important To Our Health?

Vermin fight garden plants against muck marigold garden plants
Vermin fight garden plants against muck marigold garden plants

The marigolds are simply mandatory for any garden or balcony. They are easy to care for and bloom all summer long. In addition, the marigolds have many good qualities that can have a positive impact on our health. The strong flowers can now collect in summer in large quantities. Either leave them to dry in a suitable place for the… Read more »

Avoid Dehydration – 10 Healthy And Alternative Tips And Tricks

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It is always said,”Drink a lot of water!”And we all stick to it diligently. But what happens to those who are”married”to their work and often neglect their needs or even fail to notice them? Sometimes you just do not feel like pouring water all the time. Not much one wants to interrupt his work, especially when one is so absorbed… Read more »

Fight Silverfish Naturally: 10 Home Remedies For The Little Pests

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silverfish tips to combat

Warm weather and high humidity – the perfect living climate for silverfish. Although the little creatures are not dangerous at all, they hardly want to have one at home. These silver, wingless insects are only active at night, become 1 to 2 cm long and can sometimes be up to 8 years old. With their long tactile sensors on the… Read more »

The Ultimate Bulletproof Coffee Recipe With Practical Tips And Video

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Low carb and Paleo fans, watch out! Butter coffee is just right for you. The new coffee trend from the US is called Bulletproof Coffee and is literally on everyone’s lips. And rightly so. Because coffee with butter not only tastes delicious, but also has many health benefits for all coffee drinkers. Which and why that is, you will learn… Read more »

Expressive Writing Frees The Soul And Strengthens The Immune System

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Expressive writing, also called emotional or therapeutic writing, is a simple and well-proven method of self-help. So one writes oneself the soul empty or differently said, one empties everything on a white sheet of paper. Memories and negative emotions are processed sustainably in this way and you soon feel much easier and more relaxed. The result: a much more comfortable… Read more »

Seven Vegetables You Should Cook

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How do you prefer to eat the carrots – cooked or raw? We would put on baked – with some balsamic and olive oil. Are we correct? Although the trend to eat everything in its raw state has been very dominant lately. However, there are some arguments against consuming only rough products. It is true that baking and cooking reduce… Read more »

Healthy Living: Food That Does Not Belong In The Fridge

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Have you ever tried lubricating the butter that has just been taken out of the fridge onto a baked bread slice? Yes, and that does not work so well. Strange as it may be, there are some foods that we traditionally keep in the fridge, but which taste better when stored outside of it. The good taste is again very… Read more »

Woodruff Recipes And Why We Love This Plant So Much?

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waldmeister recipes make lemonade yourself punch

Even if you say that you are hardly familiar with medicinal herbs, you can quite quickly and quite clearly remember the typical Altbierbowle or Maibowle taste. The unforgettable aroma belongs exactly to the plant, of which we would like to report today. This plant is called woodruff and they are called maikraut. And if you like to remember the wonderful… Read more »

The Interval Fasting: Much More Than Just Another Diet Trend!

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interval fasting to lose weight

Intervall fasting is not just a new dietary trend, but has many health benefits and helps to reduce the body weight sustainably. It’s a new concept that allows you to incorporate fasting into your everyday life. Long, tormenting fasting and unhealthy diets are unnecessary by itself. Nutritionists agree that chronic diseases such as MS, dementia, rheumatism, diabetes, etc. can even… Read more »

Cardamom Effect And Application According To Ayurveda

When we talk about cardamom, many people think of a wonderfully fragrant spice and are therefore absolutely right. The cool-sweet perfume scent of cardamom is due to the high proportion of essential oils and is associated with the exoticism of Arabic and Indian cuisine. As many of us know, the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda comes straight from India. The nutrition… Read more »