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The Ultimate Bulletproof Coffee Recipe With Practical Tips And Video

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bulletproof coffee recipe original

Low carb and Paleo fans, watch out! Butter coffee is just right for you. The new coffee trend from the US is called Bulletproof Coffee and is literally on everyone’s lips. And rightly so. Because coffee with butter not only tastes delicious, but also has many health benefits for all coffee drinkers. Which and why that is, you will learn… Read more »

Expressive Writing Frees The Soul And Strengthens The Immune System

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Expressive writing, also called emotional or therapeutic writing, is a simple and well-proven method of self-help. So one writes oneself the soul empty or differently said, one empties everything on a white sheet of paper. Memories and negative emotions are processed sustainably in this way and you soon feel much easier and more relaxed. The result: a much more comfortable… Read more »

Woodruff Recipes And Why We Love This Plant So Much?

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waldmeister recipes make lemonade yourself punch

Even if you say that you are hardly familiar with medicinal herbs, you can quite quickly and quite clearly remember the typical Altbierbowle or Maibowle taste. The unforgettable aroma belongs exactly to the plant, of which we would like to report today. This plant is called woodruff and they are called maikraut. And if you like to remember the wonderful… Read more »

15 Home Remedies For Ants: So You Expel The Little Pests From The House

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lavender as a home remedy against ants

Although ants are quite diligent and actually beneficial in nature, we do not necessarily want the little crawling beasts in the house or on the patio. But we do not necessarily kill the animals, but we can simply distribute them permanently. And how does it work? Very easily. By some measures such as adequate hygiene and the timely disposal of… Read more »

The Interval Fasting: Much More Than Just Another Diet Trend!

Intervall fast and healthy food
interval fasting to lose weight

Intervall fasting is not just a new dietary trend, but has many health benefits and helps to reduce the body weight sustainably. It’s a new concept that allows you to incorporate fasting into your everyday life. Long, tormenting fasting and unhealthy diets are unnecessary by itself. Nutritionists agree that chronic diseases such as MS, dementia, rheumatism, diabetes, etc. can even… Read more »

Cardamom Effect And Application According To Ayurveda

When we talk about cardamom, many people think of a wonderfully fragrant spice and are therefore absolutely right. The cool-sweet perfume scent of cardamom is due to the high proportion of essential oils and is associated with the exoticism of Arabic and Indian cuisine. As many of us know, the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda comes straight from India. The nutrition… Read more »

Make Natural Suntan Yourself – Get Healthy And Fast Brown

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We have just complained about the cold and suddenly the outdoor thermometer shows a full 35 degrees. The weather is crazy and we like to play with: Quickly after work in the outdoor pool ride on a bike and get the long-awaited cooling finally. At the weekend we like to lie in the sun and really want to get pretty… Read more »

Stimulate Metabolism In Five Easy Steps!

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induce metabolism to sleep

At least in the summer, we remember that we would rather have a tight body. However, this is also a very good idea for the winter. Not only because we look better, but because usually a lean body (to a healthy degree) has fewer problems in the long run. The strict diets that many people at the beginning of Sommers… Read more »

Quit Smoking: 10 Practical Tips For A Smoke-free Life

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Explaining to you in detail why smoking is harmful to your health would actually be completely unnecessary. Even children know about it. So, here are just 10 useful smoking cessation tips that can help you quit the unhealthy habit and enjoy life smoke free. 10 Tips to Stop Smoking Of course, the real desire to quit smoking is the basis… Read more »

Remedy For Wasps: This Is How You Drive Away The Cheeky Troublemakers

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Jam in the shell as a remedy for wasps

Did you know that wasps are covered by the Federal Nature Conservation Act? Yes exactly. Recently, there is a fine in Germany if you kill wasps for no reason. Therefore, you should consider carefully how to drive away the flying pests without harming them. But these 5 simple remedies for wasps are best suited. Why can not wasps be killed… Read more »

You Can Also Remove Spider Veins With Coriander Seeds

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spider veins remove coriander seeds from compression stockings

It usually happens unnoticed and suddenly they are the terrible spider veins on calves and lower legs. Both the long workday in the office and the too long standing around can be the causes of this unpleasant event. Competitive athletes often get spider veins, because the pressure on the blood vessels is so high. Pregnant women also complain of pulling… Read more »

8 Reliable Home Remedies For Toothache – Just In Case!

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With a toothache you go to the dentist. However, this can not be so good if you are traveling with a backpack and want to forgo any civilization for a while. Just then, the Murphy’s statements should be effective and you can feel the first signs of toothache. Just in case you should have some practical tips in mind to… Read more »