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3 Quick Plum Cakes, Fresh From The Oven!

dessert ideas quick plum cake yeast dough for plum cake
plum cake faster plum cake dessert ideas

The plums are a delicious fruit, which also brings a number of health benefits. Therefore, we have decided to tempt you and challenge you to try the next 3 delicious recipe ideas for plum cake. Tip: Which plum for what? The”blues”come as prunes or plums on the market. The difference is that plums are rather round, have a soft flesh… Read more »

Cherry Cake From The Tin And Two Delicious Dessert Recipes

cherry cake from tin cherries recipes cherries healthy
cherry recipes cherry pie from the tin

Cherries, cherries and more cherries! These are not only super crisp and tasty, but also healthy and perfect for dieting. But today we skip this topic and rather ensure a complete enjoyment of the palate. We will introduce you to grandma’s recipe for cherry pie from the tin and two delicious desserts with cherries. Cherry cake on plate Ingredients for… Read more »

Super Delicious Wraps Recipes And Instructions For Wrap Rolling!

chicken tacos wrap recipes
Chicken, cheese, tsatsiki and salad wraps recipes

The following article has two main goals! First, we want to teach you how to roll a perfect wrap. Then we offer you an overview of popular ideas for wraps recipes. Among these you will surely find something for your taste and the next important occasion. It’s not that difficult if you take a few hours to practice! Wrap a… Read more »

Raclette Ideas: How To Make The Right Choice!

casserole idea raclette ideas
some sweet raclette ideas

Raclette ideas provide many combinations with our favorite foods. Especially vegetables and meat can be combined well with it. But that’s just the way to make the most delicious vegetarian dishes with cheese. Finally, you could prepare unforgettable desserts with matching raclette recipes. We have over 50 ideas in the form of pictures for you. We also give you some… Read more »

Candle Light Dinner Not Just For Valentine’s Day

candle light dinner ideas salad recipes for valentines day
candle light dinner recipes appetizer valentine's day

A romantic candlelight dinner with your lover can be magical or turn into a”nightmare”. Eating too much can be hard to stomach and ruin the nice atmosphere. Do not try to stuff your partner with food, because you want to have a passionate and unbridled stallion next to you! Since ancient times, people have found that the food is erotic… Read more »

The White Sausage Salad And The Enchanting Bavarian Cuisine

white sausage salad bavarian cuisine
white sausage salad bavarian cuisine radishes

Although the WeiƟwurst is a typical highlight at the Oktoberfest and is traditionally part of its menu, we would like to remind you, our readers, of this wonderful tradition in terms of the cosiness of Christmas. The world is currently switching to vegan food. Nevertheless, many people are looking forward to finally being able to taste something home-made and traditional… Read more »

Baking The Best Pumpkin Pancakes: A Recipe That Succeeds Everyone!

pumpkin pancake recipe brunch ideas maple syrup honey
Pumpkin pancakes bake breakfast ideas

Gorgeous pumpkin time! Slightly sweetish and nutty at the same time, the pumpkin flavor always puts us in a gourmet paradise. We also get a lot at the same time important vitamins and trace elements bestowed. Pumpkins are easy to store and even after the peak of the pumpkin season in November you can fully enjoy them. So, not only… Read more »

Grape Recipes: Autumn Food With A Slightly Sweet Taste!

sweet potatoes cooking grapes recipes
grapes recipes dessert recipe

Autumn is grape season! At this time of year you can enjoy the freshly plowed grapes to the fullest. Healthy for brain function and cell stimulation, this fruit brings more health benefits to the human body. In addition to raw, you can also eat the grapes as an ingredient of various dishes. This ensures a specific and delicious taste. We’ve… Read more »

Pears, Beans And Bacon Delicacies In The North German Way

pears beans bacon north german 4
pears beans bacon northern german noble

When it comes to fine cooking, you can talk endlessly about French or Italian cuisine. The cooking techniques and spice blends from the Indian continent and from the Far East are both healthy and delicious. If it were possible, one would like to take more examples from even more and more exotic countries of the world, as if there were… Read more »