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Climate-neutral Holidays – Is This Possible?

climate-neutral holidays cheap airlines airplane
climate-neutral holidays renewables

The CO2 footprint, houses with zero emission car-sharing – the principle of sustainability is now integrated into all of our lives. We buy at the Organic grocery store, recycle and we separate the waste for years anyway. We pay attention to our water consumption, recycle and conserve raw materials. And also in the most beautiful time of the year we… Read more »

Mallorca Home Buying – Stylish, Traditional Residences Of Bastidas Architecture

Mallorca home buying outdoor pool
Mallorca home buying/Ranch courtyard

Would you buy such a Mallorca House? There are many different ways that you could make successful advertising. But the best thing is that you simply lovingly creates a masterpiece for the people and totally dedicated to the arts. Then it gets around by themselves and serves as inspiration for everyone else. It is glad that there are these works… Read more »

Vacation And Holiday Rentals In The Swiss Alps

holiday apartments Swiss Alps House
holiday apartments in the Swiss Alps garden

Completely built in 2006, is this exclusive retreat with four bedrooms, four bathrooms fitted and he has four great levels. Quiet, you can accommodate eight guests. The four individual designers show conspicuous extravagance bedrooms, while the wellness facility in the bath will totally surprise you. There you can relax but correctly! Cosy living room and an inviting dining area provide… Read more »

Unusual Hotels – 20 Special Villas In Mexico

fancy hotels wooden bungalow prefab Gracia Studio Encuentro Guadalupe Antiresort
special cottages terrace design decking timber sustainable design

Fancy hotels worldwide – Endemico resguardo Silvestre in Mexico There are many fancy hotels worldwide. Most of them are characterized by luxury and modern architecture. We have displayed several times those, for example this here. Lately, we swim but on the shaft of the sustainability and want to present you accordingly more examples. Viewing this wooden bungalow prefabricated house on… Read more »

Think About An America Vacation, Look At This Holiday Home In Texas To

America holiday cottage ski shores Lakehouse Texas Stuart Sampley Architect
America holiday cottage ski shores Lakehouse Texas

Modern retreat for the weekend in Texas If you have once been in Texas, then you know it: the Wochenendzufluchtsorte and the holiday cottages there have an incomparable charm. They are clad in stone and wood. Many of these are characterized by their charming and elegant manner, how they blurred the boundaries between indoor and outdoor. We paired this interplay… Read more »