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Lose Weight With Tea – Which Teas Help With A Diet

Tea cup green tea slimming products
Tea for losing weight

What do you prefer to drink – tea or coffee? This article is not intended for the typical coffee lovers, it is dedicated to the passionate tea drinker. More specifically, those tea lovers who want to lose a few kilos of their weight, drinking tea. The big question is: can you just drink slim and lose weight with tea? It… Read more »

Detoxification Tea – Which Herbal Drinks Help Detox

detoxify tea detox ginger tea lemons
Of course, body detoxify tea freshly squeezed juices detox

Hello, dear friends and passionate followers of the healthy way of life! Surely you already have our post about Detoxify the body read. Today we want to go a step further and present you some healthy varieties of detoxification tea and fragrant herbal drinks. These naturally balance the body and support body detoxification and purification. We also want to warn… Read more »

Fitness Bike Exercise Bike – Ciclotte Combines Luxury And Functionality

fitness bike exercise bike Ciclotte brick
fitness bicycle bike luxury black ergonomics

A combined project of luxury, functionality and ergonomics – Ciclotte Ciclotte is an innovative exercise bike that is designed and created in Italy. The device combines designer form and technology, combines the traditional aesthetics with the functional use of the Hometrainers. It has made of special materials such as carbon, steel and glass fibers Ciclotte and so you got a… Read more »