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Entrance Design 42 Examples

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What have character traits the entrance make together? The entrance of a house or an apartment is the border between the outside world and their own empire. This section, which is known as a foyer, serves not only to go through from the outside to inside and vice versa, but separating clearly the private from the public. The foyer is… Read more »

Eclectic Is Trendy! What Rules Must You Keep But?

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Eclectic set up – what you need and what you may not be the eclectic style The eclectic style is universal and very popular. But his execution is not easy. Unless you know some rules that you always remember what you do and what – not. Eclectic set – modern interior design ideas for the living room The floor plan… Read more »

Small Kitchen Set – 44 Practical Ideas For Individualisation Of The Small Room

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Small kitchen set up – customize the establishment of small kitchens by practical ideas You want a kitchen in the elegant style, then must go ahead but more practical because of the tight space in case of doubt? Small kitchen space and practical establishment close not only outside, but on the contrary: the practical ideas are an opportunity for individualization… Read more »

New Catalog And The Extended Reality IKEA

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Augmented reality – the clever technology with great potential A slightly newer invention, which can be understood as an additional information structure is called augmented reality or even augmented reality. Usually the additional information in 3D format and appear in the case of an augmented reality app directly on the display of your electronic device. The whole thing sounds perhaps… Read more »

Clever Storage Systems After Swedish Art

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ELFA storage systems for a sustainable planning at home And if we are talking about the Scandinavian style of living, we can also provide to order a bit more. Because as they say at ELFA: “Evertything can be organized”. If you also are easier to make your own four walls and search for a practical system of order, then you’re… Read more »