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The Interior Designer Robert Passal And Its Unique Interior Design

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Robert Passal – the ingenious interior designers of contrasts Robert Passal is currently one of the most famous names in the very famous Interior fitters. He belongs to those people who are drawing very heavily on the public’s attention. His work is characterized by a particularly high character. The interior designer Robert Passal This is all the more valuable, because… Read more »

Apartment Setup – Home, Showroom And Office In A

set up apartment Showroom Office design living room
Massimo Iosaghini designer Italy

Multifunctional living space The apartment and the showroom by Massimo Iosa Ghini represent a high quality transformation that adds momentum to the original structure. In Bologna, this building, is built in the 20th century. Apartment Setup Many custom details and elements of this project create a lively, homely atmosphere, or as IOSA Ghini says “a perfect Union between architecture, interior… Read more »

Single Apartment Set Up

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single apartment set up apartment apartment cozy

Single apartment for men – characteristics Somehow, the typical man designs at our articles remained disadvantaged repeatedly. A single apartment for men would have to have a very distinctive, unforgettable character. There the person of the holder must not only to the application come, but also in a sense are redirected to their own development. Principles which apartment also apply… Read more »