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Men’s Bracelets: What Should You Watch Out For When Buying?

casual design with anchor men's bracelets
bicycle chain men's bracelet made of steel black

It is more of a mistake of modern times that only women should wear jewelry. Even in antiquity, wealthy men have carried a great deal of them as a symbol of their wealth and social status. Today, men’s jewelry serves as an additional means of expressing the individual character of men. That is why it is important not only to… Read more »

49 Photoshooting Ideas For Baby Photos That Are Surprisingly Different

Photoshooting ideas for postmoderm photography
Photoshooting ideas baby photos nachthimmel music wasserwelte

Have you ever observed a sleeping baby? You just stare at it and the time remains just like with many perfect moments. Can babies dream? And if so, what? Similar questions and impressions may have been the authors of the pictures below. We introduce two young mothers, who have independently engaged their babies in exciting photography projects. One is the… Read more »

Paper Flowers Tinker With Great Patience And Attention To Detail

Paper flowers tinkery delicate flower paper art
Paper flowers tinker daffodils peonies poppies paper art spring flowers

Although cut flowers are among the classics on many occasions, they are increasingly becoming a bone of contention not only among environmentalists and fair trade supporters. Very often it is also the different connotation, the color and the number of flowers in a bouquet have. If, however, you give an even number of flowers in some Eastern European countries, the… Read more »