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Kitchen Inspiration In The Italian Style For An Individual Kitchen Design

kitchen inspiration old kitchen cabinets wonderful ceiling
kitchen inspiration wooden floor blue accents

What associations does Italy awaken in you? Tasty pizza? Spagetti? Yes exactly. Italian cuisine has its characteristics. But there is also a long tradition of kitchen design. Italian kitchens are versatile. Some have a traditional interior design and are indeed country house kitchens, while others have very trendy interior design ideas and a modern space. But stylish interior design with… Read more »

45 Dining And Kitchen Ideas With Industrial Touch

kitchen ideas industrial furnishing dining room light floor
kitchen ideas dining area industrial style white flooring

In many modern kitchens industrial elements can be seen, which attract attention at first glance. In most cases it is about living kitchens, which also have an industrial dining area. Industrial kitchens are trendy today and have an individual charm that creates a completely different sense of space. Industrial kitchen and dining room designs have a few distinctive elements that… Read more »

Set Up Wooden Kitchen, Because Wood Is A Real Classic…

wooden kitchen beautiful kitchen design fancy floor tiles functional cooking island
wood kitchen functional kitchen wood look dark floor tiles

Wood is a real all-rounder in the modern interior. Especially in the kitchen it finds a versatile use! For a long time, the wooden kitchen has not been confused with the country kitchen, because today you can use kitchens in all styles and designs. And those who rely on a natural and healthy indoor climate consider real wood. Do you… Read more »

White Kitchen Can Be Luxurious And Have Many Other Pluses

Color scheme for white kitchen
White kitchen blue kitchen back wall

Good day everyone and welcome to our website, where you will be surprised daily with new and very creative ideas for home and garden. Here with us you can constantly draw inspiration for any renovation, remodeling or redesign in your own four walls. Today we have prepared remarkable design ideas for white kitchens for you, our loyal readers. We have… Read more »

Kitchen With Cooking Island – Highly Functional And Super Modern

kitchen with cooking island brick wall pendant lights
kitchen with island concrete look green ceiling

Modern kitchens fascinate with a perfect look. Functionality and order are very important here; Everything has its place and a specific function in modern kitchens. And to make good use of the entire area in the kitchen area, one often integrates a freestanding kitchen island. Kitchens with cooking island are now enjoying great popularity and popularity. That’s why we give… Read more »

Kitchen Cabinets And Shelves For Minimalist Furnishing Concepts

brown and black kitchen cabinets
colorful kitchen cabinets

Minimalism began as a style in the field of architecture and later became an important term in design. Since then he plays incessantly a very important role in the interior. Meanwhile, one even speaks of the lifestyle”minimalism”. With regard to the kitchen equipment this is particularly relevant. Focusing on well-selected, healthy foods increases the quality of life quickly. The economical… Read more »

Open Kitchen In White – Strategies For Modern Interior Design

framing kitchen open kitchen modern
wooden floor white walls open kitchen

The open kitchen in white has become almost classic. Modern materials make them very easy-care and at the same time bright and inviting. But this concept also brings many challenges. For example, it is difficult to separate a completely white room. He could also feel too cool. Below are some Images for designer kitchens to find a suitable solution for… Read more »

Concrete Kitchen Worktop – Pros And Cons At A Glance

Kitchen worktop made of concrete kitchen in industrial style
modern kitchen industrial kitchen worktop industrial

What began years ago as the practical design of a workplace has now become a new trend in the interior. Of the industrial style has already prevailed in the interior of our four walls and radiates everywhere its peculiar loft charm. This style of furnishing is characterized by the use of shiny metal, rough surfaces and open tubes. However, he… Read more »

Can Small Kitchens Appear Bigger?

small kitchens are the rule in big city apartments
small kitchens white

We all want to make our apartments as comfortable, practical and very comfortable as possible, because we want to treat ourselves to a bit of comfort in our four walls. There we want to spend great time with family and friends. But what happens if the space is too short and the living space is not sufficient for our design… Read more »

Kitchen Ideas: Make Your Own Kitchen Party-friendly

kitchen party ideas and dishes
kitchen ideas and set up for the party

The best parties often take place in the kitchen. Alone the fact that the kitchen is usually not too big and therefore creates a cozy closeness makes kitchen parties often something very special. But also the equipment and design influence the feel-good factor and the quality of stay enormously. Thus, it is largely in the hands of the kitchen owner,… Read more »

Kitchen Taps Bring A New Mood Into The Room

Cake wallpaper Fancy idea for the cook sign
Kitchenware fresh ideas for the wall design in the kitchen

With the modern interior, one wishes to bring cheerful mood and more splendor into the room and to convert the ordinary interior design into something extraordinary. In the kitchen is also an individual Innendesign announced. Wallpapers are usually a good solution to enhance this space. This does not cost so much time and effort and the end is envious! Through… Read more »