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Small Kitchen Set – 44 Practical Ideas For Individualisation Of The Small Room

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Small kitchen set up – customize the establishment of small kitchens by practical ideas You want a kitchen in the elegant style, then must go ahead but more practical because of the tight space in case of doubt? Small kitchen space and practical establishment close not only outside, but on the contrary: the practical ideas are an opportunity for individualization… Read more »

With Our Tips, You Can Set Up Your Kitchen And Create A Small Paradise!

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Modern solutions for the modern kitchens in classic color palette The classic kitchen equipment is increasingly favored by many families.  This is also completely understandable. Ultimately, functionality and aesthetics provide certain calmness in the area. It is often precisely in our stressful everyday life. And in the classic cuisine, we have also the problem that the disorder is not really… Read more »

49 Set Up Examples Of Kitchen Equipment In The Attic

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Good kitchen facilities despite pitched roof in the attic Many have a Laben long to live the dream in an attic, others choose apartments on the top floor intentionally, because the rents are generally less expensive. But all are facing many unsolved problems, prepared a very romantic loft, are never described in the lease. Many owners let your floors expand… Read more »

Kitchen Fronts Custom-made Order And Replace

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Your kitchen can also time “Lose face”. Not admit it! It is not necessary to undertake a thorough renovation. Quite the contrary. You can do this much faster and cheaper by replacing the kitchen fronts and handles or renew. Of course, the manufacturer of kitchens often provide even different components that you can buy later. But it would be optimal… Read more »

Living And Food Trend: American Küche(n)

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Living and food trend: American Küche(n) Design is becoming increasingly important in the daily life – globalization brings forward ideas around the world doing and it so happens that American kitchens in Europe are increasingly chosen open, inviting design. Not only the kitchen plays thereby a role, but also what is stored in it: the culinary side of America has… Read more »

IKEA You Should Choose Kitchens – Why?

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Important facts about the IKEA kitchens Have a great kitchen project and want to realize with IKEA’s furniture? Then you are right with us, because we have to tell you important. IKEA furniture can be adapted to different interiors and designs. This works but only then perfect, if you well know in the nature of this furniture and their potential…. Read more »

How Energy Can Be Stored The Qi In Your Kitchen Design

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What should you consider as a harmonic kitchen design according to Feng Shui As we all know, spring is the best time for a fresh start. This wonderful season of flowers, colorful flowers and heady aroma in the air is already there. We all need at least small changes in the own vision or in our apartment, so we feel… Read more »

Kitchen Trends Stone, Concrete And Metal

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Stone, concrete and metal in the kitchen design The modern kitchen is not only a place of work for the preparation of food, but an integral part of the living area. This is the open kitchen-living room high in the course and is designed especially with stone or concrete with various metals and individual surfaces. The optical appearance underlines the… Read more »