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IKEA Kitchens 2025 – The Innovative Concept For A Sustainable Future

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ikea kitchens innovative Cook Tomato broccoli innovative technology

How could the IKEA look kitchens in the year 2025? The innovative concept for IKEA kitchens 2025 has been by the Swedish company in collaboration with IDEO and students developed by the Lund University. The leading idea: How old values will receive optimal with the latest technologies in a sustainable manner? This includes clearly the responsible, moderate consumption of water… Read more »

Pan Shopping – Top 20 Models According To Specialists

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Pan buy modern kitchen pots utensils

What criteria should bear in mind, when you buy a pan Take a look in a shop for kitchen appliances and accessories! A plethora of different models can be found in the Department of pans. They are small and large, high or flat, round or square, iron or stainless steel, with or without Teflon surface. How can I choose for… Read more »

With The Right Kitchen Knives To Kitchen Pro

professional chef's knife test good kitchen knife set
good kitchen knife set kitchen utensils knife set test

Modern and super original kitchen knife Everything deserves an original character in the modern household. Each subject should look so different and unique as possible. Each spoon, every cupboard, every sofa should look almost as if it would put an own soul. The same applies also to the chef’s knife. Just the last are the focus of our today’s article…. Read more »

Huge Designer Lamps In The Form Of Flowers

designer lamps place Jerusalem Israel
designer lamps Jerusalem innovative technology solar

Designer lamps on the Vallero square in Jerusalem These whimsical, oversized flowers are actually giant street lights. You can see the original designer lamps on the Vallero square in Jerusalem. These were installed by HQ architects in the year 2014. The young, motivated team of architects from Tel Aviv has made is to achieve optimum functionality of buildings and installations… Read more »

Kitchen Tiles Make The Interior Life

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Kitchen tiles are a stylish and functional solution for the kitchen The beautiful wall decoration in the kitchen can make cooking enjoyable. Certainly, she can stimulate the appetite. That’s why we decided usually for wall tiles, if one wants to combine aesthetics with functionality in the kitchen in one. It covered not only the kitchen walls with tiles. You will… Read more »