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Paper Lamps – Buy Or Do It Yourself?

paper lamps uniques design
paper lamps pendant lamps uniques design

Colored paper lamps decorate the room What do you think of paper lamps? Lighting plays a decisive role in the interior design of your home. The right choice of luminaires and their correct positioning can drastically change the look of a room. The lighting knows different types and prices. From the really expensive designer lamps to the DIY paper lamps… Read more »

Indoor Wall Lights Complement The General Lighting And Add Visual Effects!

wall light for bedroom Unique Bedroom Wall Lights With Pull CordMegjturner
Lamp online buy-lighting-wall lighting lamp-trends-2017

As an important aspect of any interior design, lighting always requires special attention when planning every single room. A well thought-out lighting concept plays a particularly important role in the interior design not only for purely practical reasons, but also in terms of the well-being in the room. Therefore, be sure to choose the lamps and bulbs, so that you… Read more »

Moroccan Lamp Brings An Oriental Touch To The Room

Moroccan lamp fancy hanging lamp colored
Moroccan lamp beautiful chandelier living room lighting ideas

Not just light sources, but beautiful pieces of jewelery are the lamps of today. Moroccan lamps are the real proof of that. Every Moroccan lamp has something fairytale about it. This oriental lamp emits soft light and creates a unique atmosphere in the room! Moroccan lamps are made by hand, so they do not come into mass production. So if… Read more »

42 Impressive Lighting Ideas For A Charming Wall Lighting

indirect wall lighting indirect lighting wall decoration decoration ideas7
indirect wall lighting indirect lighting wall decoration decor ideas2

When designing a space, you should be very specific in the choice of lighting, because as we have already reported in previous articles, the targeted lighting design plays a crucial role in the overall appearance of the room. The light has a direct effect on the mood of the people and that is exactly what you can use as a… Read more »

The Right Lighting For The Best Mood In Autumn

lighting living room indirect lighting carry light
lighting living room indirect lighting outdoor lighting

Autumn is approaching and the days are not only getting colder but also shorter. Together with the cold, the darkness also increases. And as our being is so sensitive to light and color, our overall mood goes down and we become sad, lethargic and even depressed. Our ancestors knew the lack of light and its consequences very well and have… Read more »

Oriental Lamps That Improve Your Quality Of Life

Oriental lamps pendant light brown
Oriental lamps decorative thrown lamps colorful

When we speak of the Orient, we mostly associate the theme with old traditions, sensuality, playful patterns, rich colors, charming melodies and exotic aromas. They all tell stories and carry their meanings with them through the world. There is hardly anyone who does not know the tales from 1001 nights or who has not felt more or less attracted to… Read more »

The Uma LED Lantern – Warm Light And Moody Music In One

Led lantern uma outdoor music romantic
Led lantern portable outdoor swimming pool

The tendency of multifunctionality is becoming increasingly stronger nowadays. Computers, smartphones, tablets are already an indispensable part of our lives. There you find almost everything in a small box. We are already spoiled to have at least two functions in an object. This is exactly the case with the new creation of Pablo Designs – the LED lantern UMA. This… Read more »