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12 Weeds That Are Super Healthy And Taste Very Delicious

healthy salad weeds greedy
weeds healthy nettle

Weeds are not the same as weeds. As much as we want to banish these robust plants from our gardens and farms, some of them are quite healthy for us and they even taste very delicious. Today we tell you 12″supposed”weeds that should actually count among the useful plants. These are rich in vitamins and minerals and are ideal for… Read more »

Garden Pools – A True Water Pleasure All Summer Long

garden pool
Swimming pool in the garden

Summer comes with lots of sun and higher temperatures outside. Now most people plan their summer vacation and many want it flying in the tropics , You too? But we have a better idea ready for you. Do you want to experience a unique holiday feeling in your own garden all summer long? Yes, that would be quite possible if… Read more »

The Garden Gate – The Calling Card Of Your Outdoor Area

Garden door ideas
Garden gate wood

If you’re lucky enough to have a small or larger garden, you’ll know exactly what we mean by”your outdoor business card”. Believe it or not, a garden gate can speak volumes about your property. It could invite your guests to a friendly reception or stow them away. In today’s article, we want to show you the variety of designs for… Read more »

Outdoor Kitchen And Garden Lounge Planned? Here Are Some Chic Variants!

outdoor kitchen garden lounge rustic idea
outdoor kitchen built-in storage space garden lounge

Turn your backyard into a homey area and give your family members and friends a blast. If you have the opportunity, you should definitely invest in a modern and elegant outdoor kitchen in combination with a beautiful garden lounge. The available stylistic solutions are very many. Below are some particularly modern variants. They are characterized by chic elegance and some… Read more »

Fire Pit In The Garden Or How Can You Realize A Dream?

Outdoor furniture many places Relax zone
Relax zone outdoors simple steps build fire pit in the garden

The weather is getting better, warmer and sunnier. The temperatures rise and with it our mood. Thanks to this you can build a fireplace in the garden and spend endless hours in the evening pleasant. But let’s go step by step to the dream in the outdoor area. Stay tuned! Soon it gets hot during the day and pleasantly cool… Read more »

Suitable Garden Tools – An Important Point In Garden Design

garden tools assortment different gardening
Gardening Tools By Cedffdafcddcd On Home Design Ideas With Hd So Garden Equipment

Now, when spring has finally arrived, you gradually move your living area outside. The garden is now the favorite place of many people, where they like to spend several free hours every day. But a nice outdoor area also requires a lot of work! Who wants to have a well-kept garden, of course, would have to invest in garden tools…. Read more »

Plant Flower Boxes And Successfully Create Your Own Vegetable Garden

vegetable garden create flower box vegetable eggplant mix
vegetable garden create flower boxes children education

In our society more and more people are talking about self-sufficiency and healthy eating. Every reasonable consumer is more likely to wonder where his food or clothing comes from and under which conditions they are eventually made. Today we would like to give you again sustainable and nature-conscious tips on how you can improve your quality of life with your… Read more »

Spring Decoration. Ideas With Natural Materials Shapes With Moss

decorate with moss spring decoration natural materials table decoration moss
decorate with moss spring decoration natural materials design room design with moss

Spring is therefore called the most beautiful season, because now all nature encourages the new life again. Everything that looked gray and uncomfortable until yesterday, suddenly gets more and more clear buds, through which the young life wants to sprout. Even if we humans always pretend that we do not belong to nature, we are in the spring of the… Read more »

Easy-care Indoor Plants That Never Go Down

easy-care indoor plants a homely
Aloe vera houseplant

We in the editorial department of Freshideen have already written many articles about houseplants. Evergreen, flowering or beautiful succulents Sophisticated or slightly adaptable, these beautiful roommates in our home bring a fresh touch and make every room feel more comfortable. And if you do not have a green thumb, then what to do? Many people want more lush greenery at… Read more »

Planters As A Design Element – Creativity Knows No Bounds

planter wood
plant fungus by size form

Although it is still a bit cold and wintry, but the first thoughts of gardening or terrace design buzzing through the head. What will be planted this year? Where exactly and how the whole thing looks even prettier?… Every passionate gardener thinks and acts and prepares his garden season as early as possible. A garden design does not only mean… Read more »

Outdoor Sink: Creative Ideas And Useful Tips

Position the sink at the window
antique white sink

January is almost over and we can slowly get ready for spring. And then quickly and unnoticed the summer will arrive. This is somehow always too short and that’s why we would like to start with his preparation now. So we can only devote ourselves afterwards to the enjoyment of the hot season. Do you find this setting useful? Then… Read more »

Light Shaft Cover Protects Against Insects And Dirt

Light shaft cover functional protection against dirt insects
light shaft cover exterior modern design ideas

A functional garden has several individual elements that make up a beautiful whole. Well equipped, beautifully decorated and furnished with all the necessary details, every outdoor area turns into a dream location in summer and winter! But pay attention to the details! These provide for our comfort! So today we want to draw your attention to the light wells in… Read more »

IBC Container – The Clever Alternative To Conventional Containers

tank ibc container plastic steel
rainwater harvesting with ibc container

Are you ready for the winter? We hope so! And what about your garden or better said garden accessories? Especially hobby gardeners and diligent garden owners know exactly what we mean by that. Not only in the summer heat, but especially in the freezing cold should z. B. all containers that contain temperature-sensitive substances or water, be optimally protected. Therefore,… Read more »

50 Front Garden Ideas That Expand Your Living Space

The room is covered by the architecture of the building

Both – the garden setting and the garden design are currently seen as an extension of the living space for the summer. In some cases, roofing is used to keep the natural taste even longer. Our front garden ideas are subordinated to the principle of extended living space and at the same time have an extremely modern appearance. Let yourself… Read more »