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Lay The Polygonal Plates Correctly

Polygonal plates laying details tips
Underground clean up polygonal plates

The classic in the design of garden paths and flooring of terraces is called polygonal plates. The trend has been one of the best DIY projects for years and creates an irregular design that is a real experience for creative gardeners. For this reason, we would like to present our detailed guide, which is enhanced by good tips and accurate… Read more »

66 Examples Of Garden Stairs In Modern Garden Design

Garden stairs modern garden design escalator herbal greenery light
Modern garden design garden stairs decorative steps lighting stage

In the garden, we rarely have the problem of climbing from one level to the other. This topic mainly affects the interior design. However, sometimes we need the garden steps. The garden steps make it easier for us to walk on uneven terrains. They also help us to structure the garden and make it look more harmonious. Last but not… Read more »

Camping Furniture For The Excursion And The Modern Outdoor Area

Chic camping furniture
Modern folding table

Modern furnishings have a strong influence on the camping equipment. On the one hand, multi-functionality is called for. Camping furniture also serves us on the terrace, in the long queue, in the garden and during an excursion in the city park. They continue to show Comfortable design on. Thanks to this characteristic, we feel at home, no matter where we… Read more »

Trittsteine- 42 Landscaping Ideas Around The Garden Paths

With children's toys
Stepping stone

As far as gardening is concerned, there are many specialist books and study courses that deal explicitly with the topic. Many garden magazines supplement the knowledge about the design of a garden and provide other useful tips and ideas that are welcome to hobby gardeners. Somewhere in between we find niches, about which we gladly report and what our readers… Read more »

Hedgehog In The Garden – Important And Important Tips

Igel in the garden properly feed
Igel in the garden wild animals feed properly

The hedgehog is one of the oldest inhabitants in our geographic latitudes and at the same time also the most popular wild animals. As cute as he looks, he immediately wins the hearts of children and adults. Finding the prickly friend in your own garden is a blessing to many of us. Sometimes, however, you can also help yourself by… Read more »

The Modern Solution For Your Outdoor Area – WPC DIelen

Wpc pool flooring
Panelle wpc stairs

The outdoor area has in recent years a very practical solution for almost all application areas. For this reason, the WPC material selection has enjoyed an ever-increasing interest in garden design for years and is regarded as a success product. The floorboards are fully in line with the trend, because their appearance is unique and values ​​every outdoor area. What… Read more »

Stability And Individuality In One – Gabionwand

gabionen-filling-out glass stones

Gabions are considered a versatile garden design, which is very easy to use. Many homeowners opt for a wall wall, because their robustness, stability and appearance are particularly attractive. In the article, we will present ideas for wall walls that are designed according to individual design. Combinations with other materials such as wood or aluminum are very popular and symbolize… Read more »

Modern Garden Design Can Be Arranged Quickly – Roll-out Laying

Ready to roll

Spring is the best time for the laying of the high-quality rolling grass. For many homeowners, the trolley is considered an absolute eye-catcher in the garden. The reason for this is that you get a perfectly green lawn in a short time. The evenly growing lawn is perfectly suitable for house gardens, public buildings or kindergartens. The range includes varieties… Read more »

The Sky Lanterns And Their Light Message

Heavenly lanterns of the flying lanterns bangkok
Heavenly lanterns sideways

Heavenly stars are basically small, narrow balloons made of paper and wire. They are still known under the name Kongming. In Asia, the sky lantern is used for praying or for various events. The historians are of the opinion that the lanterns were used for the first time as a light signal in the 3rd century BC to announce the… Read more »

Organize Your Very Special Garden Party In Summer!

Gardenparty summer outdoor decoration
Gardenparty antique chairs retro design

The wonderful summer is already here and so is the time for your garden party. It is a matter that can be addictive. It is also very simple and easy to organize. Enjoy the warm afternoons and evenings and create a pleasant ambience in your garden! You can create incredible party atmosphere with very simple items and a bit more… Read more »

Trendy Investment For Outdoor Furniture

Hygge in the garden with simple furniture
Outdoor kitchen ever more up-to-date

The weather is much cooler than it is typical for this time of the year. However, look at the good side: so you have more time to plan your outdoor furniture and its design outside better. Even you can make trendy investments in chic outdoor furniture. Here are some current trends that affect both the outdoor furnishings and the garden… Read more »