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Eclectic Interior Design Ideas 2018 With A Trendy Look

furnishing ideas wide white bedroom
furnishing ideas great design

There is much to be said for the eclectic home decor this year. For example, even the greatest and trendiest interior design ideas will eventually become obsolete. In addition, it is logical that after some time you feel like renewing your own home. Often you want to pick up on some of the latest trends, without turning the interior completely… Read more »

How To Keep Lemons Properly?

Keep lemons properly yellow fruits in a rustic bowl
Keep lemons properly Buy yellow fruits on the net

The lemon has long since established itself as an indispensable fruit in every kitchen. Often we read new information about their health promoting properties. It is well known that the lemon contains a lot of vitamin C and is therefore very healthy, despite its bitter taste. Therefore, every housewife tries to always have some lemons at home. But the big… Read more »

Humidifier – Small Guide To Good Indoor Air

Ultrasonic humidifier at home
Steam from humidifier in front of the window

Surely you know the situation in which you feel uncomfortable at home and do not know the reason for it. It could even happen, you have dry eyes and rough skin. Whether the humidifier is a must for you, we will explain the same. Then ask yourself why this is all. The answer is clear to us – the dry… Read more »

Making A Summer Punch Yourself – 30 Great Ideas

make pineapple wonder punch yourself
make a thin drink punch yourself

The punch is a great summer temptation. In the original recipe, there is always alcohol and rum or cognac. This drink was invented in the East Indies. It’s the discovery of a local company run by the British. The first documents pointing to the punch come from the year 1632. The name comes from the Indian word for”five”. That’s the… Read more »

Smoothies Make You Look Slim And Healthy

Smoothies make healthy slim from blueberries banana cornflakes
Green smoothie in glass made from banana kiwi spinach green apple

Smoothies are currently super trendy drinks, but there are many good reasons for that. First and foremost is their tremendously positive effect on our body and health. That’s why we say short – smoothies make you slim and healthy. They are made only from fresh ingredients, as direct as possible from nature, and provide the organism with the necessary dose… Read more »

Fitness Smoothies – Power Drinks For A Well-trained Body

Sporty girl holding a green smoothie. Fitness smoothies are trendy
Healthy breakfast fitness smoothies after exercise ideal for body regeneration

Smoothies are definitely trendy for a few years now. Every day we hear friends and work colleagues say how healthy these power drinks are. They are the perfect energy kick in the morning, provide us with new powers and are even referred to as vitamin boosters and beauty boosters. There is, of course, a good reason for all of this… Read more »

Coco Chanel In 20 Great Quotes About Life And Fashion

famous illustration of coco chanel
coco chanel in a noble ambience

The ingenious people from all walks of life have some things in common: this is the possession of a peculiar, changeable philosophy of life. Certainly Coco Chanel is proof of that. This is the same philosophy of life that has guided her through the difficulties of her life and helped her to understand the notion of fashion and stylishness to… Read more »

Single Travel For Women Traveling Alone

Hello, ladies! Surely you will not deny it, but there are moments in life when we want to be completely alone. If you’re planning a single trip soon, then you’ve come to the right place! Do you know such situations? For example after a personal separation, after too much stress at work or after losing a loved one forever. Then… Read more »

Basil – A Favorite Spice And Medicinal Herb

Can you imagine your tomato sauce without the distinctive basil scent? Hardly, we would say! The aromatic kitchen spice also belongs to pesto, pasta and pizza and gives these dishes an unmistakable taste. Yes, basil is a popular spice herb that is widely used in German cuisine. But it can be found in almost all countries around the globe. Today,… Read more »

Green Smoothies – Healthy Drinks For Your Well-being

Mason jar mug filled with green spinach cabbage drink grape green smoothies blue striped napkin
Green smoothies with banana mango spinach

Are you looking for a healthy lifestyle that includes a healthy diet? Do you want to tumble some pounds and get over yours Bikini figure looking forward? Or maybe you want your health for health reasons Detoxify the body ? If your answer to any or all of these questions is positive, then you are in the right place here… Read more »

Summer Dresses 2018 – Trends And More Than 60 Great Ideas!

great stripes summer dresses 2018
great dresses pattern happy summer dresses 2018

Good news: It’s time for the great summer dresses 2018. And there’s more to tell, and that you can put on many of your already popular models from the past few seasons and make them look modern. With over 60 examples, we provide you with an overview of the current women’s clothing trends for 2018. At the beginning, there are… Read more »

Sun Hat For Women: This Is 2018 Current!

elegant summery sun hat
super great sunhat ladies

There are many arguments in favor of buying a new sunhat. You always need one of these in the summer when you have the Health and beauty of your hair want to preserve! With the increasing sunbeams, it is becoming ever more urgent to protect yourself from these. Surely you want to stay young and in good health, right? In… Read more »