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Tea Time – Drinking Tea In English Style

Tea time in English style. Fine tea service. Beautiful floral design
Tea time in English style tea service in blue

Every year on the 21st of April they celebrate the national Tea Day in the UK, then Tea time is really capitalized. It is well known, the British enjoy cozy tea drinking for centuries. The iconic drink looks back on a richer history than wine and beer. For the islanders, tea time is part of the English way of life… Read more »

Dill – Kitchen Spice, Medicinal Plant Or Something More?

Dill (scientific name: Anethum graveolens) is one of the most popular kitchen spices not only in our kitchen, but also in many other world. We often call this spice dill or cucumber herb. Originally it comes from the countries of the Near East, was then spread on the Mediterranean coast and brought from there to Western Europe. Today, common dill… Read more »

Adventure Travel – 5 Possible Trips That Offer Great Emotions

Adventure travel
Adventure Travel in Northern Europe

In two consecutive articles, we offer great trips for all travelers who want to discover the world for themselves. Now it’s time to get out of everyday life, into unforgettable experiences! Whether it’s a classic destination or places away from the well-known tourist trails, here are our suggestions for possible trips that promise great emotions and get your wanderlust in… Read more »

Lucky Charm – These Little Things Bring Luck

Good luck lucky prosperity
Lucky charm ladybug in the garden symbol

This article is for those who want more happiness in life (whether you are superstitious or not!). On the one hand, it is clear to us all that in everyday life sometimes difficult, even life-threatening situations occur, in which one really needs a bit more luck to escape from it safe and sound and to feel well again. On the… Read more »

35 Easter Sayings That Make Easter More Enchanting And Fun

Easter Proverbs OSterfest OSterdeko Easter Bunny ask sms
Easter Proverbs OSterfest OSterdeko Easter bunny in a nutshell

If you take life too seriously, you can hardly enjoy the greatest joy. Humor and wit have accompanied humanity throughout the history of the world and will do so until the (hopefully not) bitter end. After our team has already arranged a gigantic amount of decoration ideas, crafting templates and recipe ideas, it’s time to cheer up the spirits. Maybe… Read more »

These 5 Foods Help To Reduce Stress

Omelette filled with spinach and melted cheese for breakfast
Healthy food against stress Pancakes with spinach cheese spread Breakfast

Our life is exhausting enough. Each of us could get into an unpleasant situation in everyday life or have to experience something personal that consumes his nerves. What are you actually doing in such cases? Do you spend hours practicing sports, eating something sweet, or doing a long shopping trip? We have something better and healthy to offer. Today we… Read more »

Current Trends In Piercings On The Ear For 2018

nade inside in the ear piercings
Elegant bow piercings

The end of March is approaching and it is now almost clear which tendencies will prevail in the piercings for 2018. In make-up trends, pink make-up is likely to prove to be the hottest trend this year. Both Clothes are back in the 80s with their influence noticeable. In fact, it’s kind of a bit difficult to imagine the piercings… Read more »

Eyelash Lamination – The New Beauty Trend For A Still Seductive Look

lash lamination beautiful woman eyelashes
eyelash lamination beauty trend beautiful eyelashes

Have you always wanted long, dense and lively eyelashes and tried every mascara product several times? Nevertheless, your eyelashes do not look like you imagine them and every new mascara remains only a bare advertising promise? Well, maybe the new Beauty Trend eyelash lamination is right for you. And what does that mean? What is the difference to eyelash extensions… Read more »

Sports Nutrition – What Should I Eat Before Training?

Balanced sports nutrition foundation successful training healthy lifestyle
Healthy sports nutrition boiled eggs milk avocado garnished with seeds

Being fit and healthy has been an unrealizable dream for millions of people worldwide for years. Now that’s the reality around us. The modern-minded person now has the opportunity to eat healthy and well-thought-out, to organize his training according to his wishes and to move a lot. Balanced sports nutrition and well-planned exercise have a lot in common, and in… Read more »