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Find All Necessary Information Here About Your Future House Conversions!

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Reconstruction and modernization: The best tips for your home Times have changed – and with them the housing claims. One wants to radically modernize his somewhat older House, the other wants to build energy-efficient or age to the real estate, perhaps by a growing expand. Here the most important tips take homeowners during the reconstruction. Is a permit needed for… Read more »

Practical Tips On How You Can Build Your Dreamed Holiday House

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house build concrete design facility construction ideas concrete

Build holiday house, concrete – benefits and opportunities For a long time the wood serves as the perfect material for the House build. It is regarded as aesthetically appealing, naturally inscribes itself in the environment and is also environmentally friendly. That’s all right and good, but we must not neglect the other good alternatives. Also the concrete is environmentally friendly… Read more »

Design Prefab – Anything But Standard

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Design prefab homes Want you to fulfill the dream of your own four walls, there are often many obstacles that can be overcome. How will the project be funded? In the neighbourhood is the acquisition of ownership most lucrative? And finally, there arises also the question of whether to buy a vintage or builds itself. Those who opt for the… Read more »

The Church Remains The Contemporary Expression Of Faith In The Village

the Church remains in the village of
the Church remains in the village of san giovanni batista mogno

The Church remains in the village, but is rebuilt to a modern eye-catcher Religion is not exactly the first thing which we use with modernity in conjunction.  This will probably change for our examples of modern churches and other religious facilities of construction. Are you curious? Then read on. No matter how modern architecture, the Church remains in the village… Read more »

A Tipi Tent Special

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tipi azelt okohaus build wood concrete Japanese hauser

Modern Japanese houses in the form of a teepee tent This impressive “tipi tent” houses come from Japan. They were designed by the talented Japanese architect Issei Suma and are already a cozy and modern home by two senior. Minimalist and organic at the same time, the five tents made of wood and concrete with their functional simplicity and refined… Read more »

Energy-efficient Construction Leads To A Healthier Life

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healthy life building and living

Energy-efficient construction leads to a healthier life Urbanization is a natural consequence of human development. You go through different phases and now we are on the threshold of a new revolution. The sustainable living and energy efficiency are increasingly becoming a trend.  The health benefits and other advantages of such lifestyles are becoming clearer. Soon, the energy-efficient home becomes the… Read more »

10 Unique Houses From Around The World

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Unusual holiday homes for the ultimate holiday experience Do you have itchy feet again? Yes, we know this only too well. Actually no season knows this feeling. It is the unceasing passion to the unknown, to the far. The soul longs for adventure and new places that you never entered. Here also the matching houses play an important role, because… Read more »

Futuristic Architecture – As We Us The Future Before?

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futuristic architecture building and life Сobra towers Kuwait

Futuristic architecture, which clearly demonstrates how we imagine our future About what we understand by the term “futuristic architecture”, is actually pretty varied. Logical, isn’t it? Futuristic architecture is the architecture of the future. This will be very varied as well as our current construction. For example, there are a number of buildings, which symbolize the striving upward.  These massive… Read more »

Modern Build Houses: Diversity And Harmony In Modern Architecture

Casa Desnuda Merida Mexico build modern houses architect houses House facade
Casa Desnuda Merida Mexico build modern houses outdoor pool

The construction of modern houses: Diversity in textures and sustainable use of energy Contemporary architecture has an elegant and often glamorous look. Even rough materials, such as the traditional wood can be processed smoothly, and even glittering with modern techniques. As a result, some people seem to believe that the mirror surfaces are the true hallmark of contemporary architecture. That’s… Read more »

Of Course Living With Sustainable Materials

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of course construction is environmentally friendly

Of course, living – what materials are eco-friendly? The construction industry is one of the largest consumers of natural resources. The production of building materials and the building itself consumes a lot of energy and water. In all processes, toxins cut off still. The construction industry continues to produce waste which can not be used or processed. Of course living… Read more »