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30 Ideas On How To Make A Great Nail Design Yourself

nail design yourself making red nail polish flower pattern spring
nail design make yourself geometric design spring

The nail design is constantly evolving and the tendencies are changing intensely. However, the beautiful manicure remains a popular accessory for women. Of course, the nail design is influenced by the seasons and so every season different trends can be observed. Now, when spring is on the threshold, we want to draw your attention to matching colors and motifs. We’ll… Read more »

Nageldesign Summer – 77 Fresh Fingernails Ideas For Every Taste

Colorful manicure nails summer nageldesign ideas
Red summer nageldesign ideas fingernails nailart

This year again, it is colorful and glamorous in terms of Nageldesign summer. It has to be exactly the same, because the warm season is to bring us a lot of sun, smile, unforgettable moments and great parties. One feels again light and unaware. Everything is kind of different… different… much more relaxed and playful at the same time. Thick… Read more »

Beautiful Finger Nails From Home

nageldesigns pictures beautiful finger nails
nageldesigns beautiful finger nails red nails

Any woman who attaches importance to their appearance, is himself aware that clean hands have a not inconsiderable proportion of the overall appearance. Our hands are not only easy to grasp and hold of things there, but serve also underline our verbal communication. In other words: We gesture to give more emphasis to our concerns. If then is the first… Read more »

French Manicure – History And News In 30 Pictures

nageldesign ideas colored ideas nageldesign French manicure
nageldesign ideas short nails French manicure

French manicure – history and news of the French manicure Everything that we have said in the previous article about the nail design in red, indicating that the new trends in nail design represent an easy conversion and continuation of past trends. A typical example is the French manicure, which is particularly innovative and in a very elegant way shaped… Read more »