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The Dirndl Loop: How To Tie It Properly?

Tie left dirndl loop
dirndl loop properly bind meaning

Traditional dress, blouse and apron – the three parts of a jaunty dirndl. They should all stand perfectly with the wearer and be well coordinated. Because only then does every woman feel comfortable at the Oktoberfest. But what about the dirndl loop? Why should she be carried at all? What does the loop mean and how should it be tied?… Read more »

For Those Who Want To Buy High Quality Dirndl

Trachtenmode Dirndl buy cheap bargain
Trachtenmode Dirndl shops buy cheap portals

Traditional clothing for fashion-conscious women who show up like traditions High-quality Dirndl undisputed find their place in the wardrobe of the modern woman. That may ring true something funny, but the former traditional working garment is today fully in vogue. The dirndl is popular clothing on many occasions and not just at the Oktoberfest in Munich. Carry and put on… Read more »

The Countdown Is Running Oktoberfest München 2015-!

Oktoberfest Munich of Ozapfs
Oktoberfest Munich opening

The Munich Oktoberfest and its ceremonial opening Who the opinion is that Germans celebrate properly, who has not heard anything from the October Festival, Carnival or the love parade. The three largest festivals of in Germany enjoy a world fame, recognition and an enviable number of visitors. In a few days, the world’s largest folk festival begins that is traditionally… Read more »

Dirndl Hairstyles – The Style Then And Now

Dirndl hairstyle beautiful girl ideas Oktoberfest braided Crown
Dirndl hairstyle then past

Be chic and beautiful than ever before! The hairstyles come in and out of fashion like everything else, but when it comes to Dirndl hairstyles, there are those who simply always amazing work. Check the added video below and read the following lines of yet… Scroll down. Instructions in video There’s traditional hairstyles and iyour modern reproductions. The dirndl hairstyles… Read more »

The Oktoberfest Will Be Held Every Year On The Theresienwiese

2014 Munich Oktoberfest people
the great Oktoberfest 2014 Munich festive

Many Germans are already in the fever of the famous Oktoberfest Beer Festival, it starts only in 3 weeks! Millions of guests from around the world already pack their bags and looking forward to the Travel to Munich. The world’s largest beer festival in autumn each year attracts people like a Magnet. And that for 200 years! Always in the… Read more »