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Make Almond Milk Yourself: The Ultimate Recipe!

make almond milk bottle yourself
Make almond milk yourself with cinnamon

Are you looking for a healthy alternative to cow’s milk? Do you have lactose intolerance or are you simply vegan and do not eat any foods of animal origin? Then you are absolutely right here, because today we will show you how you can easily make healthy almond milk yourself. All you need is water and almonds. It is best… Read more »

The Simplest Marble Muffin Recipe With Many Variations

marble muffins with chocolate and bananas
marble muffins with bananas

The cool Marble trend has also reached our kitchen. The trendy marble look can not only look great, but also taste incredibly good. And how? In the form of delicious marble muffins! That’s why we have a super easy and quick recipe ready for you that will make even newcomers to baking. Among the listed ingredients below you need two… Read more »

The Simplest Lavender Syrup Recipe: Summer Can Really Start!

lavender syrup lemonade coconut cocktail
lavender syrup citric acid

Hardly any smell is more summery and beguiling than the scent of lavender , When it blooms, everyone knows that summer has definitely arrived! If you can, feel the heavenly scent all year round and feel like in the French Provence. And the good news is – that really works! And how? Quite simple – with homemade lavender syrup. This… Read more »

Mexican Dishes – Spicy, Colorful And Very Aromatic

Chicken in Chipotle Mojo
Mexican dishes verde tacos pork cheeses

Sometimes you just have the desire to taste something new. Maybe something spicy, spicy and colorful? Yes, why not, that would be something completely different compared to our German courts. If you have not discovered the exoticism of Mexican cuisine until now, you can sample some Mexican food in your nearby Mexican eatery or prepare it yourself at home. In… Read more »

3 Delicious Energy Balls Recipe Ideas For Real Connoisseurs

energy balls recipe oatmeal chocolate seed nuts protein snack
dates chocolate coconut oil energy balls recipe ideas

Whether you’re in the midst of your detox cure or just looking for delicious low carb snacks, our simple Energy Balls recipe ideas are just what you’re looking for. Because these are also ultra healthy and completely vegan. These delicious power balls, also called energy balls and energy bombs, are to be prepared without baking. They are not only suitable… Read more »

Coconut Cake With Creamy Cream Tastes Heavenly Delicious

Coconut cake with cream cream
Coconut cake with cream cream classic recipe

Easter is just around the corner and only in a few days we celebrate the great Christian feast in the family and circle of friends. In the quiet Holy Week, everyone is trying to prepare the best for his loved ones. In addition to the beautiful Table decoration for Easter Now you have to consider your festive menu and come… Read more »

Vegan Breakfast: Simple Recipes And Delicious Ideas

brunch ideas vegan breakfast healthy spinach strawberries guacamole
peach blackberries chia seeds pudding vegan breakfast

Today we have healthy, vegan breakfast ideas for you that are not just vegan brunch. You can always enjoy a vegan breakfast to your heart’s content, even if you are not a vegan or vegetarian. Because this is not only healthy and delicious, but it provides the body with the essential vitamins and minerals as well as with enough fiber…. Read more »

Cauliflower – An All-round Talent In The Kitchen

Cauliflower white florets

Every healthy diet includes many vegetables, including cauliflower. The white cabbage is very popular among German housewives and is called Superfood considered. It is low in fat, low in calories but high in fiber. Its vitamin C content is high, so the cauliflower is still called power vegetables, because it can strengthen our immune system. The minerals contained in cauliflower… Read more »

What To Eat On Christmas Eve – Recipes And Tips

Christmas Eve food recipes Christmas lights
Eve, eat red cabbage

For some weeks you have known how all your holidays will go, who will visit you, what you will cook or order, who will give you what and in which good restaurant you will enjoy the festive meal on one of the Christmas holidays. Everything seems to be perfectly organized and something is missing to complete happiness and that is… Read more »

Hot Iron: The Best Ideas For Delicious Waffles

delicious waffles with cherries and icing sugar
ice cream cone delicious waffles recipe

They are so easy to prepare – and so delicious and even pretty to look at! With their fluffy texture, the slightly buttery taste and the many sweetening options, waffles are also in the creative trend! We present you the best waffle ideas. How do waffles get the desired consistency? The basic recipe for waffles is: 250 grams of flour,… Read more »

Make A Chocolate Bar And Make A Sweet Gift Yourself

chocolate bar frame wild
chocolate bar custom design

When talking about the Christmas gift for a loved one, you want to go right to the end of the world to choose the best, the most beautiful and the most wonderful for him / her. You want to be original, but also spoiling and be able to express so many feelings with a gift. The offer is huge and… Read more »

Make Tabasco Sauce Yourself – Recipe Ideas And Culinary Tricks

tabasco sauce itself make chilli shots
tabasco sauce itself make gift ideas beautifully packaged

In a few days we can finally unpack the gifts and look forward to great surprises and news. We are waiting impatiently for the mess since the last Christmas and for the celebration with our colleagues. Getting presents is always a special moment. You get new things and you also feel like a hero getting a reward. What about you?… Read more »

Christmas Punch – One Of The Many Christmas Miracles

Christmas punch cranberries
Christmas punch bottle

If the time around Christmas is already wonderfully organized, the Christmas decorations are hung up, the Christmas dinner is already planned and the guests are invited, there is nothing left to do but to take the beautiful Christmas magic optimistically and enjoy their days off. You could just enjoy the Christmas spirit and make yourself comfortable. Finally, you can also… Read more »

Tiramisu In A Glass – The Simplest Recipe As A Delicious Inspiration

classic recipe for tiramisu
spoon biscuits mascarpone cake tiramisu in glass

You certainly know this popular Italian dessert. But have you ever heard of Tiramisu in the glass? The world-famous pick-me-up is downright delicious and always ensures an extra dose of good humor. It usually consists of mascarpone, biscuits, coffee, amaretto and cocoa – all ingredients that invigorate body and mind and provide plenty of fresh energy. No wonder that Tiramisu… Read more »