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Drywall Becomes Work Of Art

drywall natural stone laying Mauerer artist masonry
drywall natural stone laying masonry of Mauerer stone art

No limits of creativity and passion Have you ever seen how hard stones just flow like water? No? Well, then you can experience it for the first time. Johnny Clasper is a young artist from Yorkshire, UK and has discovered his passion for the stones for years. He has studied for masons and transformed his professional time into real art…. Read more »

Creative Plastic Art Brings Our Environmental Awareness

plastic art creative idea coral Cactus
plastic art of eco-friendly Octopus

Plastic art against irresponsible consumption The sun warms your skin, the sound of the sea serves your ears and the light summer breeze plays with your hair – a wonderful day on the beach. Yes, only if these horrible plastic residues were not to see! Unfortunately, the problem with plastic waste has become serious worldwide. Plastic is everywhere already. An… Read more »

Contemporary Art Challenges Our Sensibility In Wood

contemporary art wood sculptures South Korea Portait
contemporary art wood sculptures South Korea Chair

The contemporary art represents the religious order of the universe The South Korean artist and sculptor Jae-Hyo Lee is a virtuoso of the transformation. He draws stunning works of art which have both functional and elegant properties of discarded tree trunks. ┬áThe incredible wooden structures are the result of a meticulous work. Jae-Hyo Lee creates his sculptures made of unprocessed… Read more »

Modern Sculptures – The Universal Symmetry By Bathsheba Grossman

modern sculptures Symmtrie math
modern sculptures Symmtrie Holy

Modern sculptures calculation of symmetry Bathsheba Grossman is an artist from Santa Cruz, California, whose sculptures on the computer first as 3D models are created and then through a three-dimensional printer that specifically works with metal, stainless steel and bronze “listed”. Her bronze sculptures have mainly a mathematical nature. Often they are intricate patterns or mathematical oddities. In an interview,… Read more »

Niki De Saint Phalle And Your Nana’s

Niki de Saint Phalle the largest Nana white
Niki de Saint Phalle Portait

Niki de Saint Phalle – the Mama of the Nanas Niki de Saint Phalle is a French sculptor and painter who has become known in Germany, inter alia through their Nanas. She has lived between 1930 and 2002 in France, the United States and Germany. Their successful career began in 1964, when she created the first Nana’s after a long… Read more »

Recycling Crafts – Sustainable Art From Old Coins And Keys

recycling craft creative bottle glasses
recycling craft old Bowl metal glass

Original ideas for creative recycling craft You know already some of our posts about sustainable consumption and Upcycling, don’t you? Where we give you practical and clever ideas on how you can bring used items to new life. Today, it involves creative recycling tinkering with useless keys and coins. Michael or Moerkey from Australia, we have found in Etsy ,… Read more »

Kinetic Art Or Movement As Inspiration

kinetic art sculptures modern examples
kinetic art installation contemporary sculpture wall decoration ideas

The kinetic art – news, which is increasingly becoming a classic in modern life Again we take up different themes from the history of art in our online magazine. We do not systematically, but if we remember that it is important for the current understanding of fashion and design. Modern art in focus What importance does the kinetic art in… Read more »

Wooden Figurines Are Your Garden Look Individual Lending

raft garden design decorating girl
raft landscaping ideas decorating

Wooden figurines for a tasteful and unique garden appearance The garden is the closest connection of modern humans to nature. But, the real pleasure comes with proper garden design. To decorate the exterior, may prove a big advantage. A beautiful and successful landscaped garden looks inviting. He suggests that also in the House Interior is tastefully decorated. And what can… Read more »

Plastic Art – Incredible Sculptures From Plastic Cutlery

plastic art designer fashion sculptures from plastic cutlery
plastic art designer fashion eccentric plastic cutlery Hat

Plastic art of cutlery? Decoration at home brings our preferences in the widest sense of the word closest to the fore. So also the plastic art which has been created from cutlery. For such is now very fashionable among many contemporary artists. We want to draw some parallels between such works and the modern taste for applied arts. These sculptures… Read more »