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Green Garden Sculptures In Harmony With Nature

garden sculptures Mrs Swan
sculpture made of elephant English garden

Vibrant Green Garden sculptures Vibrant Green Garden sculptures are nothing new in itself. These known to mankind for centuries. You have always adorned the courts of rulers and nobles. Now they have reached their modern versions. They combine the best of the old traditions and enroll wonderfully clean lines and perfect design in our modern gardens. In some cases, they… Read more »

Ice Hotel Sweden – Fascination From Snow And Ice

Ice Hotel Sweden bedroom double bed
Ice Hotel Sweden main entrance Hotel

Ice Hotel Sweden – 25th hotel in Jukkasjärvi Every year the small settlement in Jukkasjärvi Northern Sweden receives over 50,000 visitors on the occasion of a special art object – the ice hotel. Recently was Sweden ice hotel opened for the 25th time and again has its splendor and beauty made the show. Dozens of artists have worked and contributed… Read more »

Metal Armour For Cats And Mice By Jeff De Boer

armor bat cat armor
armor cat Dragon

Original metal armour for cats and mice The Canadian artist Jeff de Boer creates stunning, fine armour for cats and mice that come from different historical periods. He started this 30 years ago as a side project, as he studied sculpture. Slowly it became his life’s work.  The armor that he designed, come from time immemorial, ancient Rome, from the… Read more »

Designer Chairs By Danish Designer Benjamin North Market

designer chairs Benjamin North landmark designer Chair
designer chairs Benjamin North landmark Picasso

Designer chairs which rather resemble a sculpture Chairs – they have a practical purpose in our everyday lives, right? That true, but not always. The designer chairs by Benjamin North market are anything but traditional and boring. They rather resemble a carved. Learn about what’s behind this, including. Inspired by the distinctive style of Picasso Each of these chairs is… Read more »

Photo Manipulations By Lilliputian Cities In Cups

photo manipulations miniature cities in cups futuristic
photo manipulations Lilliputian cities world-wide in the cups China

Surrealist photos of magnificent cities worldwide The project ‘ A place to go, please’ presents the Visual connection between several drinking cultures and their respective individualities. Creative photography and complicated techniques to reach this beautiful effect. Imagine how you enjoy your wine glass, coffee cup or alcohol drink in a unique way, and as if you are in the root… Read more »

Special Cakes And Amazing Tarts Bring You Out Of Breath

special cake decorating Tiger flowers
cake cake decorating snippet

Aesthetic appearance shows elaborate cakes decoration The online competition for elaborate cakes, which took place on November 3, presents some of the most amazing pieces of art we’ve ever seen. Here both competing groups namely – participated experts and amateurs who prepared 2D and 3D cakes and designed.  According to the rules of the competition, the cake should be as… Read more »

Geometric Animal Figures Out Of Paper By Wolfram Kampffmeyer

geometric animal figures paper Armadillo
geometric animal figures from paper Meerkat

Beautiful origami animals with geometric lines Wolfram Kampffmeyer is a talented artist from Germany, which creates geometric paper animals in great pastel colors beautiful. These look like virtual designs, which come to life. This similarity of the reptiles from paper with the 3D designs is chose. Kampffmeyer, the computer studied animation, says: “If you sits in front of the computer… Read more »

Giant Pumpkin Carving Templates For Halloween

huge pumpkin carving templates for Halloween
huge pumpkin carving templates Halloween

Exquisite, opulent highlights out of glowing Pumpkins for Halloween in New York City While still young and old their Halloween select costumes or even tinker and collect candy, you can look at these amazing pumpkin carving templates for Halloween, which are exhibited in New York. The exhibition includes lanterns more as 5ooo individually hand carved, great lighted jolly Jack. A… Read more »