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The Role Of Shelves In Furniture Design 39 Cool Ideas

moebeldesign shelves installation examples decode ideas living room premium 40
moebeldesign shelves installation examples decode ideas living room premium 30

Furniture design or wall decoration – what do you think? It would be wonderful, if optimal use of the limited space in your small apartment. Perceive all visible and invisible storage possibilities and try to forgive an aesthetic look to the whole. How to do that because, you would ask yourself?-don’t panic! With our daily contributions we give you plenty of… Read more »

Optimum Use Of Space By Corner Shelf

corner shelf ikea corner shelf itself build corner shelf wood corner shelf living room wall decoration-decode creative of diy ideen18
corner shelf ikea corner shelf itself build corner shelf wood corner shelf living room wall decoration-decode creative of diy ideen1

The corner shelf, what changed your home so much Even if we really very precisely to plan our living room, and you want to combine the modern with the practical as a designer, there are still tricks that we can win even more space in our small apartment. A trained eye will recognize every potential opportunity to accommodate your belongings… Read more »

Superhero Bookshelves For Young And Young-at-heart Fans

superhero bookshelves wood shelves Wall shelves wall decoration living room
superhero bookshelves Wall shelves wall design wall decoration

Have love you so still a superhero as before? To adult for colorful superheroes poster? Don’t worry! You can also continue to remain faithful to your favorite hero and abstain from such childish figures. How would that be possible? Very simple: with the bookshelves of the Turkish industrial designer Burak DOĞAN. Namely, he has designed some very stylish Wall shelves… Read more »

Interior Design Ideas With IKEA Shelves: So Creative You Extra Storage Space

IKEA Shelves modern Rgalsysteme storage space interior design ideas
IKEA shelf living room shelves IKEA TV storage furniture

Conversion-ready interior design ideas with IKEA Shelves IKEA Shelves characterised precisely guided lines and very clear design. At the same time, they make varied furnishing ideas possible. The Swedish company offers you the opportunity to realize your individual ideas for the design of storage space by simple means. IKEA Shelves and TV furniture Creative shelving systems – a DIY construction… Read more »

IKEA Expedit-extraordinary Fine Swedish Style

IKEA Expedit shelf drawers storage room slide
IKEA Expedit shelf drawers storage Kallax 16 compartment white

IKEA Expedit-the optimal order system Furniture for every taste and every budget. The Swedish giant of the institution – provides IKEA. Many of us have or know quite well the IKEA Expedit series stuck in the endless design possibilities. After getting to know IKEA Expedit becomes clear, which is why it’s called the bricks “Lego for adults” The Expedit shelves… Read more »

Bookshelf Ideas – We Make The Books Out!

failed Bookshelf designs wall shelf
bookshelves cool design shelving system wood floor

Bookshelf design – ideas on where and how you arrange your books No electronic trends and innovations have managed to expel the bookcase from our home. The paper mills are much too strong connected with the people and their history. Usually, you need them to spread a really upscale and intellectual atmosphere in a setting. Even if you have no… Read more »

Cool Shelving And Bookcases Puffs The Interior Life A

bookshelves design unbalanced attractive beautiful interior design ideas
shelving books unique design beautiful interior design ideas

2O shelving and bookcases that fascinate For those who like to read, books are more than just reading readings. Although as have increased with the rapid technological advancement the ways to read, many people keep to the traditional sources of information – the good old books. In the apartments of the bookworms, books transformed into great accessories. Especially when these… Read more »

Wine Racks With Individual Character For Real Wine Lovers

wine racks and shelving wine rack wood models
boon wine racks shelving wine rack wood wine storage

Wine racks make according to customer requirements The theme of “Wine storage” gives us no rest. Again, we would like to present a new way of storage of wine bottles. It is however not difficult to guess that we are passionate wine lovers and it is also in our interest to find out new and creative storage solutions. And we ask… Read more »