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Designer Shelves: “Fishbone” Wall Shelves Of B-line Are Adaptable

designer shelving B line modern shelves Fishbone line wall shelf
Designer shelving B line Fishbone line Bookshelf design

Modern shelves can be adapted and freely configure Adaptable Wall shelves – that sounds somewhat weird, but just following designers are shelves of the Italian furniture company B-Line. The “Fishbone”line Wall shelves are actually a result of the brilliant collaboration between B-line furniture producers and Studio Favaretto & partners. So the Italian design is already guaranteed and thus are first-class… Read more »

You Know How You Should The Expensive Wine Storage?

wine storage wine racks expensive wine cellar
wine storage wine cellar expensive wines wine rack shelving kitchen yourself building

So you are properly store the wine The most expensive wine would lose its quality, if you know not good for stowing. Just when the most expensive wines, this is particularly regrettable. Carefully consider how you tackle this topic. You don’t want that thrown your money through the window, or? Wine store: so make it right Fine soul You should… Read more »

For Your Skateboard – Learning Designer Rack The Designer Duo Zanocchi & Strong Characteristic

Zanocchi & strong Designer Wall shelf
Zanocchi & strong Designer Wall shelf for rolling Board

“Wall Ride” wall shelf for your skateboard It comes back to designer furniture and as always are young talented designers in our focus. The designer has fascinated us for the today’s post duo Zanocchi & strong and we want to present to you two of their projects. Let’s start with this incredibly practical and stylish wall shelf. The “wall ride”… Read more »

Creative Fireplace Wood Rack By Ak47 Design

designer stool backrest firewood stand camps deck
designer fireplace wood stand camps triangular bamboo

Give a piece of nature You have already installed the wood fireplace and now you want to make sure that these logs remain hidden. The creative team from Ak47 design have a solution that not only modern but also very functional and aesthetically looks in the atmosphere. Their firewood collection is used both as a piece of furniture that is… Read more »