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Seating In The Change Of Its Time – The Top Ten Of The Designs Of The 20th Century

fig. 2 wooden chair seating
Wassily Chair Marcel Breuer chrome leather seating

Chairs have a function serving the people. You should wear it, be as comfortable and visually appealing. While the individual design of requirements is subject to the respective taste of their time, concerning forms, colours and materials. Seating was limited, in the 19th century with regard to their choice of material on Woods, natural fibres and fabrics the question took… Read more »

Italian Upholstered Furniture Provide Unbeatable Elegance

Italian upholstered furniture sofas and armchairs
Italian upholstered furniture living room furniture sofa Blau TACCHINI ITALIA

Innovations in the Italian upholstered furniture Italian furniture providing unbeatable elegance in the atmosphere. They are classic in furniture manufacturing. However, there is news on this area again and again. They consist in the small details – materials, execution of lines, etc. Have a look at some recent examples! Elegant designer furnishings with Italian flair Italian upholstered furniture – comfortable… Read more »

Fancy Sofas Give The Living Room An Interesting Touch

fancy sofas blue sofa armchair living room set up
fancy sofas modern brown sofa cushion

Fancy sofas – bring a flamboyant touch in the living room The living room is a synonym of elegance and comfort. Everyone strives to create a living room maximum corresponding to these criteria. At the same time trying somehow to bring a fresh touch to the interior design, so that the living room evokes the interest of visitors. It’s not… Read more »

Couch Shopping: Can This Task Excellently Release

couch buying living room furniture designer sofa find
sofa 2-seater living room furniture design sofa yellow

You need to think carefully about that before you buy a couch… The couch now must be to a successful issue. Because otherwise it would suffer under the weight of the wrong choice really long. While you earn it, you buy a couch and that this will be your favorite place in the House, isn’t it? The couch – eye-catcher… Read more »

The Leather Couch – The Undisputed Catcher In The Living Room

leather sofa leather beige white smooth sofa Chair ergonomic design
leather sofa leather smooth Orange

How one should properly maintain a leather couch Real or faux leather? Because opinions differ often. Leatherette is rather preferred for many reasons like E.g. animal justice in many areas. There are already numerous vegetarian shops, where you can buy cool clothes, shoes and accessories that are 100% animal ethical lately. We’re also completely convinced of this ethic. Still we… Read more »

Leather Furniture By Designer Robert Stadler

designer furniture by Robert Stadler leather furniture design
tephra of information designer parlor furniture leather sofa Robert Stadler

Leather furniture by designer Robert Stadler Robert Stadler is a talented furniture designer from Vienna, Austria, which has gained worldwide fame with his fancy furniture. He is often in the following galleries in Paris: carpenters workshop Gallery and Gallery triple V. And his clients include big names and companies such as Academy of C├ęsar, Dior, Maison Thierry Costes, Nissan and… Read more »

Italian Sofas Offer Style And Quality

Italian sofas Italian designer furniture living room
Italian sofas Arper Italian designer furniture

Italian sofas – comfortable and breath-taking In the world of furniture and send goods in General, there are those countries that so meaningful sound like a fire. So is the case with the Italian sofas. You have long made a breakthrough by the combination of super stylish design and highest quality. The models are also peculiar and unique with respect… Read more »