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On The History And Characteristics Of Expressionism Art

expressionism of Edvard Munch Sun
expressionism of Edvard Munch the scream

What do you know about the expressionism? Expressionist art is one of the many styles of the 19th and 20th centuries that take the emotions and thoughts of artists and thus of people as the main object of representation. This art floats above reality and avoids objectivity. Expressionism is also flooded with pessimism. This can be explained by the events… Read more »

Paper Lamps – Buy Or Do It Yourself?

paper lamps uniques design
paper lamps pendant lamps uniques design

Colored paper lamps decorate the room What do you think of paper lamps? Lighting plays a decisive role in the interior design of your home. The right choice of luminaires and their correct positioning can drastically change the look of a room. The lighting knows different types and prices. From the really expensive designer lamps to the DIY paper lamps… Read more »

Where The Wood Art And Furniture Design Merge Into Each Other

Woodcraft möbeldesign premium solid wood furniture 28
Woodcraft möbeldesign premium solid wood furniture 10

Develop our senses the Woodcraft and furniture The wood is a popular material of many designers and artists and the reasons for this are numerous and comprehensible. The natural material can be processed relatively easily and allows the emergence of many wonderful objects, in the furniture industry as well as in the entire room concept. In practical terms you could… Read more »

Architecture Study – Some Arguments For It!

architecture study 2
architecture study 3

Studying architecture and the townscape change You are soon to begin studying architecture or you are already ready to complete? You’re excited certainly by all the great career opportunities, soon opening in front of you? First, you should be sure whether you are of the timeliness of your conception of the profession of architect in the clear. Which brings us… Read more »

Unusual And Fascinating London Museums

london museums museum of childhood
Museum of childhood

Unusual and fascinating London museums Visit to the Museum in London is mandatory if you are staying in this city. Some museums are really extraordinary and original! We report today from some of those. Museum of childhood Here, draw determined new game ideas with your little ones and find a plethora of toys. You have a high historical value. Many… Read more »

Discover The Splendor Of Majolica Ceramics

majolica ceramics Italy exhibit hanging power sample traditional dishes modern
majolica ceramics Italy exhibit hanging power

Majolica ceramics – we travel through history What are the opportunities for your interior design the majolica?The history of ceramics began in the ancient East. The thread that connects them to the present day, runs through many eras and runs mainly through the Mediterranean countries. The architectural history of Spain, Portugal and Italy are strongly influenced by the mosaic in… Read more »

Baroque Elements In The Modern Interior Design

innendesign setup example living ideas decode ideas of Baroque Noel bedroom
innendesign setup example living ideas decode ideas Baroque moobel

How do you recognize the Baroque in the interior design The art style Baroque can be considered within the modern Designsals a complicated and important issue. The limit to the tasteless can be exceeded here quickly. The term comes from the Italian “barocco”: crooked, twisted, full of life, ornate. A pompous interior design – this must be a Baroque Verschnörkelungen… Read more »

Asia 15 Setting Up Examples And China – Interior Design Inspiration

innendesign installation examples living ideas decode ideas china tea Room3
innendesign installation examples living ideas decode ideas china gold

Chinese style in interior design In contrast to other popular exotic eastern style – the Japanese, the Chinese can not be considered minimalist. There’s much more furniture and decorative accessories in the room. The special characteristics of the Chinese style is to combine objects so that results in a very uniform and balanced composition with its own character. Interior design… Read more »