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Discover The Splendor Of Majolica Ceramics

majolica ceramics Italy exhibit hanging power sample traditional dishes modern
majolica ceramics Italy exhibit hanging power

Majolica ceramics – we travel through history What are the opportunities for your interior design the majolica?The history of ceramics began in the ancient East. The thread that connects them to the present day, runs through many eras and runs mainly through the Mediterranean countries. The architectural history of Spain, Portugal and Italy are strongly influenced by the mosaic in… Read more »

Beautiful Fashion Home With Tile

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With tiles on walls and floors get aesthetics and durability in your home. For that, from the outset thought, you must be what type of tile is best for your claim. A tile must meet different requirements depending on the type of use. In addition to purpose and quality optics and personal preferences play a role. Before you choose a… Read more »