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Spring Colors – Bring Spring Through Fresh Shades Home

spring colors fresh wall design purple sofa
spring colors yellow walls brown carpet living room living room

The winter time is already behind us and you change not only his wardrobe, but also the interior design gets new strokes. To adapt to the new season more easily, one designs one’s home in colors that are in harmony with nature. So it is clear to all: Fresh and airy it must be at home in the spring! In… Read more »

Tangerine – The Favored Trend In Color Design 2018

color scheme tangerine country color suedlaedisch
color scheme tangerine border pattern bedroom ideas kitchen

It is strange how much man longs for warmth. This yearning is felt especially in the cold and one tries by several means to create the feeling of warmth and to feel well again in his own skin and of course in his apartment. As far as the body is concerned, there are plenty of suggestions and solutions that do… Read more »

Bedroom Colors: What Are The Latest Trends For Your Sleeping Oasis?

Eggplant wall paint bedroom colors trends
purple ultra violet trand color 2018 bedroom colors

Colors and their effect on us humans – an exciting and popular topic for artists, psychologists and designers, but also for each one of us. How many times have you been asked for your favorite color? Definitely too often, right? Because this question is actually one of the most important aspects of our lives, although we often do not really… Read more »

Colors And Their Effect – Just Live Happily!

live with colors of color types
colors color types live with colors

The effect of colors should not be underestimated. They make a significant contribution to whether we feel comfortable in a room or not. But they can do much more, especially if you consider your personal color type when choosing. We have tips. Effective colors and the color types The personal color type is usually ignored when living Color specialists assign… Read more »

Ultra Violet: The New Pantone Color Of The Year 2018

set up pantone color 2018 ultra violet
pantone color of the year 2018 ultra violet

Welcome to the world of colors! It has also definitely become quite clear which is the new Pantone color of the year 2018 – Ultra violet , This imaginative, almost mystical color is not without reason originality and ingenuity. Although this lilac color is somewhat dramatic and provocative, it somehow looks balanced and majestic at the same time. Once again,… Read more »

Bordeaux Color And Its Effect In Terms Of Interior Design

Bordeaux color pompoes
Bordeaux color ceiling

The bordeaux color is often declared as claret, although there are dozens of wines that give just as many claret tones. What is Bordeaux, where does it come from and why does it play such a bewildering, as well as dignified color such a big role in fashion or interior design. Bordeaux color – meaning and effect Why is the… Read more »

Christmas Black And White Mood Is Not Always Defined By Color

Christmas black white symbolic
Christmas black white Christmas tree Christmas tree

Slowly you bring out all the Christmas decorations and decoration from the basement and finds that has accumulated over the years much. After you’ve just cleaned the boxes and boxes with a damp cloth, discover that half of the Christmas decoration does not set you a particularly festive mood. It can be to one, that the Christmas decorations has participated… Read more »

10 Wall Paints That Are Timeless And Remain Trendy Forever

Wall colors extra white in the bathroom makes the room appear bright and spacious
Wall colors Poised taupe in the bedroom

Perhaps you are one of those people who are not influenced by the most up-to-date trends. Or does it not care what exactly is called the”color of the year”? You are, of course, right to make such an opinion. In terms of fashion and design, however, there were always trends that attracted much attention. These are also available today. Some… Read more »

Trendy Colors: Fabulous Bedroom Design In Gray-blue

Bedroom design gray and blue combine with wooden flooring
Bedroom design gray wall paint blue bedding and white accents

Our contribution can be considered as the small Einmaleins of the trendy colors in the modern bedroom. We will introduce you to a color duo in which you could easily fall in love. It contains blue – the favorite color of millions of people worldwide and it is in an unbeatable combination with gray, with the most popular neutral, which… Read more »

Living Room Gray – In 55 Examples We Show How To Do It

Living room gray chic sofa gray walls wood floor
Living room gray gray carpet white floor scandinavian

Living room gray – style and comfort in one Each room fascinates with something special: a cool piece of furniture, a fancy fabric pattern… In many cases, a room’s interest can also arouse through its entire look. This applies in particular to the cases when colors are so successfully used in the room, that the space makes a cool first… Read more »

Textiles: The Most Beautiful Summer Colors

Textiles trends colors colorful garden furniture sofa dekokissen
Boho style cushion color summer hammock

It is always exciting to observe which colors are particularly popular and with which trends you have guaranteed everything right. Not only in the nature of fabrics are new trends and innovations emerging, but there is also plenty of room for color. Whether individual colors, patterns from nature or in the abstract area, or historical retreats to the past decades… Read more »

12 Trendy Wall Paints, Which Designers And Interior Designers Love

Wall paint lavender benjamin moore in the bedroom
Wall paintings Salmon Peach Benjamin Moore

In both the design of the room and the fashion, the designers give the impression that the house residents like the latest trends. The wall paints rarely come up with anything new, because you like to rely on classical and well-tested nuances. These are the shades, which often have great visual impact. These spread in their four walls a good… Read more »