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Travel To Cuba – Useful And Practical Tips For You

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Travel to cuba salsa

Many Germans do not just want to leave home at Christmas and New Year’s Eve, but also in the summer! Some do it by opting for truly distant destinations. Cuba is a very popular choice. However, as about all the exotic destinations, there are also lots of useful info, good tips and suggestions. This one would have to remember to… Read more »

Holiday Destinations 2017: European Cities

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Holiday destinations europe porto portugal harbor

As in all other areas, there are also under the dream trips annual trends. They are also linked to the current settings and benefits of the benefits. We have looked at what is seen as a trend when it comes to preferential holiday destinations in Europe. Interestingly, we have found that these are not unknown small towns. On the contrary…. Read more »

Are You Interested In A Semester Abroad?

Erasmus plus funding program european union training
European union training program erasmus auslandssemester internship

If yes, then you should already consider well in advance, where you want to go exactly. Because the whole world is open to you. Whether in the US or Australia, Latin America or China… you can try it anywhere. But if you prefer a study abroad in Europe, then the best solution is an Erasmus semester abroad. This year, the… Read more »

Exotic travel as a gift idea

India as a gift for exotic travel
Indian food curry rice

More often one is confronted with the question of what one could give. Friends and relatives who already have everything and do everything right is often not easy. So why not even give a trip? So you can also relieve the rest of the family of a few worries and share something unforgettable. A possible variation would be a culinary… Read more »

6 Tips For Ladies Who Would Like To Own Travel!

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Beach travel hobby alone

Fascinating tips for the selection of destinations for women who travel alone There are some trips that every woman should do. It’s not about specific destinations – must be selected individually. But there are tips on how you sort them all the offers that best contribute to your self knowledge and bliss. In other words: There are some destinations and… Read more »

Find The Right Camping Gear And Go To Camp!

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camping accessories Grill

Camp like? The camp gives us the opportunity to experience a relaxing holiday surrounded by nature and to admire wonderful untouched landscapes. Through different conversations, the camper again regain their powers directly from the natural environment used in everyday life and be freed from the psychophysical stress. Sports, walking, fishing, hunting or just the surrounding flora and fauna clock –… Read more »

So You Can Make His Ski Holidays Cheap

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szech ski holiday

How anyone can afford a skiing holiday Really, is that such an expensive pleasure like skiing is suddenly in a serious issue like this? It is conceivable that cheap to make his ski vacation, and if so, what should look and what should you keep in mind exactly? What do you mean? Think this is impossible and you are somewhat… Read more »

Climate-neutral Holidays – Is This Possible?

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climate-neutral holidays renewables

The CO2 footprint, houses with zero emission car-sharing – the principle of sustainability is now integrated into all of our lives. We buy at the Organic grocery store, recycle and we separate the waste for years anyway. We pay attention to our water consumption, recycle and conserve raw materials. And also in the most beautiful time of the year we… Read more »

The World’s Largest Cruise Ship

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The “harmony of the seas” of the shipping company Royal Caribbean delivers 6,360 passengers, 2,384 crew members, 362,12 m length, 66 metres wide, 72 m above sea level, approximately 1.5 billion construction cost – impressive figures. But that is only too understandable, because finally it is currently the largest cruise ship in the world. Replaced it has her two sister… Read more »