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Food Trends 2018- These Foods Speak For Themselves

food trends 2018 germany instagram
food trends 2018 germany instagramm year of mushrooms

Since the beginnings of Instagram, as a younger person you feel the obligation to photograph your food, add hashtags and share it with the whole Instagram community. The fancier the plate, the more visited and liked the meal pictured. In this way, the so-called Trend Foods have emerged in all these years and in today’s article we would just like… Read more »

Where Is The Perfect Vacation Spot For These Zodiac Signs?

Romantic vacation spot not far from Henry Island Washington State
Interesting holiday resort Hindu temple Bratan lake

Now the typical spring weather prevails, gray sky, fog, a lot of rain, the daytime temperatures rise very slowly. Many people think of their next vacation or have already booked it. For many, it’s time to go on vacation! But have you ever wondered how it is possible to book a particular holiday destination for your vacation and ignore many… Read more »

There Is The Perfect Holiday For Every Sign Of The Zodiac

Mexico holidays
England holiday star sign

Finally we have better weather outside and now almost every second German thinks about his well deserved annual holiday. Or maybe just a short stay in a nice place! After the long cold months you try the winter Blues successfully fight and recharge your batteries in the midst of nature or anywhere else in the world. Actually, today’s article is… Read more »

Hiking In Mallorca – Tips For Beautiful Tours

hiking in mallorca puerto pollensa
cala san vincente hiking in mallorca

Majorca is a popular tourist destination – for tourists who want a beautiful beach holiday as well as for hikers and adventurers. To find out in advance about his trip to Mallorca offers a travel guide for Mallorca to get useful information about interesting places and regions, the climate and weather, current events, the most beautiful sights and the… Read more »

Southeastern Europe In Focus – Any Holiday Trip To The Southeast Is Worthwhile

Southeastern Europe holiday trip in September
Southeastern Europe holiday trip Ljubljana

“Traveling means discovering that everyone is wrong with what they think about other countries”Aldous Huxley, English writer” We have you beautiful travel destinations in Northern Europe presented and also over three worth seeing Cities in the European Southwest reports where you can spend a wonderful holiday in September. But there are many other places on the old continent where you… Read more »