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The Infrared Heater: For Cozy Warmth And A Modern Wall Design

A cozy interior not only lives from a coherent color concept and decorative highlights. While modern furniture and a well-thought-out choice of colors contribute to a harmonious image, other senses need to be addressed for a proper feel-good atmosphere. Be it with scented candles, which create an atmospheric ambience with their fine touch. Or through the deliberate use of sound… Read more »

Christmas Decoration Ideas And Inspiration Around The Color Gold

Christmas decoration ideas with the color gold ball
Christmas decoration ideas with the color gold and glitter

In about a month, the whole Christian world celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ, a festival known as Christmas. And as we all know, at Christmas there are always many and beautiful gifts and unforgettable and happy moments. All houses and streets are festively decorated. Man likes to light and lights candles which shine nobly in gold and silver through… Read more »

Shelving Systems And Hot Living Trends 2018 At Ikea

Shelving systems living room divider ikea
Shelving systems living room wall cabinet office wall shelf

When you are dealing with the basic shape rectangle, you quickly discover that you can build many practical and space-saving shelving systems with it. The form alone theoretically allows an optimal use of space in every three dimensions known to us. The practical side of this one form defines the emerging residential trends for the year 2018. From the modular… Read more »

Three Delicious Ice-ideas – From Light To Rich

Ice-cream sorbet grapes fresh mint
Ice-ideas strawberry mint low-calorie

Just in the summer, Schleckerm√§uler simply does not get enough of wonderfully cool ice cream! But the enjoyment has its shadows: the calorie bell sounds quick when a bullet has landed too much in the croissant and has been garnish with sprinkles and cream. Fortunately, there are also light ice varieties, which can even be described as healthy. And when… Read more »

Sustainable And Chic: Fashion Jewelry Made Of Rubber

bracelet fashion jewelry-from-rubber
Pendants heart-natural rubber-costume jewelery-decoration

Not only in everyday life, but also in the purchase of jewelery and fashion are topics such as sustainability and environmental protection extremely important. Women and men increasingly pay attention to products that do not harm nature or discriminate against other people. Often, the health aspect also plays an important role, which is why harmless materials are becoming increasingly popular… Read more »

Wedding Dresses 2017 – 50 Nuances Of Pink And Other Important Trends

One of the giambattista valli pink dresses 2017
Wedding dresses

The traditional white color always dominates the Wedding collections , But there is also variety and tendency to other nuances. The wedding dresses 2017 are often in pink. This color comes this year instead of pastel-blue tones and lively lilas. They dominated in the last few seasons. Within this color we experience different variations ranging from light to dark. Pink… Read more »

Wide Women’s Pants: News In Summer 2017

White trousers in kotrast with black shell
Wide green trousers in green of rochas

Do you prefer wearing very wide ladies’ trousers or rather those that sit tight? There is a suitable style for both answers this summer. Both the wide trousers, as well as the narrower with floral patterns are announced. Modern are also the jeans: The current models are among the must-haves in summer 2017. One by one we describe the respective… Read more »

Bright And Floral Elegant Women’s Pants For Summer 2017

Brown red floral pattern on a black background
Zara hose floral pattern

2017 surprised with a great variety in the tendencies of the ladies’ trousers. Both jeans, as well as wide and tight trousers are announced. There is something special about the last ones – they are very strongly influenced by the Floral prints controlled. The flowers are now transferred to other pants by pants. Here are some great examples that will… Read more »

Professional Decoration Ideas With A Personal Touch

decoration ideas for your home to much decoration
you need to plan the premises

Your own decoration ideas look professional Do you know what? An any decoration idea can look professional. How is that, you ask? It comes in the way, how something is presented and carried out. That sounds but still quite common, or? So you prefer follow our practical tips about professional appearance of different decorating ideas. Actually the best, what do… Read more »