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Wall Paint Petrol – 56 Ideas For More Color In The Interior

wall paint petrol living room color scheme colored pieces of furniture
wall paint petrol yellow curtains elegant carpet beautiful deco items

It does not matter how you paint your walls. By choosing wall colors, you decide on one or the other room atmosphere. Because let’s be honest: colors make an interior appear elegant or playful! And while bright shades lend a room a feminine and romantic flair, darker hues tend to create a more masculine and dramatic vibrancy. However, one of… Read more »

Wall Paint Apricot – The Fresh Trend In Wall Design In 40 Examples

wall colors ideas color combinations white apricot color
wall color apricot bedroom set up bright linen

Wall paints are this aspect of interior design that most influences our well-being. Colored wall design can be used to fix certain interior design flaws and create whimsical effects in the room, but you have to be aware of it: colors define the atmosphere! There are hues whose application in a room should be carefully considered: some seem boring, others… Read more »

15 Original DIY Residential Ideas For Your Wall Decoration

Diy residential wall decorating decoration making
Diy residential wall decoration flow optics hexagon plates

DIY residential ideas for the wall design in rented apartments Living in a rented apartment is by no means easy. This is a transitional situation which makes life difficult for us in several respects. One of the complicated themes is the decoration. Not only do we invest money in it, which we do not get back. We also have to… Read more »

77 Colorful Wall Patterns For Creative Wall Design

Wall pattern wall design wall design color design triangles colorful
Creative wall design wall design color design similar colors 3d effect yellow

Creative wall design with daring geometry and wall patterns Many interior designers are of the opinion that the good design without a good planning of the wall pattern is simply impossible. There are some color patterns that are timeless and universal. You can write in any atmosphere. Such patterns look good, no matter what style or function the given space… Read more »

Wall Color Gray – The Perfect Backdrop In Any Room

Gray wall paint colors wall paints gray color nuances
Wall paint gray furnishings living room wall color combinations

Often it happens. You decide for a great wall paint. This is gray in our case. Then it looks dark and empty in the room. You have to do something to change that. In our case, we want to show some great art designs. This is because wall color gray represents the perfect background. Wall color gray in combination with… Read more »