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Beautiful Fashion Home With Tile

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With tiles on walls and floors get aesthetics and durability in your home. For that, from the outset thought, you must be what type of tile is best for your claim. A tile must meet different requirements depending on the type of use. In addition to purpose and quality optics and personal preferences play a role. Before you choose a… Read more »

88 Italian Cerdisa-Ceramiche Tiles

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Cerdisa-Ceramiche is 1959 and offers exquisite wall tiles in response to the development of innovative production technologies at Ceramiche Ricchetti Spa group. Cerdisa is one of the first factories, which produces porcelain stoneware porcelain tiles and gaining recognition in the largest area of the project. Today is a wide range of ceramic floor and wall tiles with a high technological… Read more »

Kitchen Tiles Are A Serious Thing

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Find the right kitchen tiles Today, for many people, the design of the kitchen area is a need that requires special attention. It makes no difference whether a modern, classic or more rustic antique style to personal expectations. Background is the increased importance that comes to the kitchen in addition to cooking and eating as central family meeting… Read more »

Tile Wood Look – The Secret Of Unique Floors And Walls

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Tiles wood lend more elegance the walls and the floor Certainly, you want that your interior design is not only beautiful, but also sustainable. Therefore, it carefully selects the appropriate material for the relevant room Interior. Materials have also an additional property – they change the manner on which one perceives the room. In the living room, different types of… Read more »

Tiles From Italy By Mina Ceramiche

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The headquarters of Nuova Riwal Ceramiche s.r.l is located in Fiorano Modenese, a district of Sassuolo. Here, Saime Ceramiche and Alfalux brands deal with the production of ceramic tiles. To produce porcelain stoneware porcelain in bold colors, with glazed surfaces, dry pressed, to emerge once and twice burnt ceramic tiles. Extravagant, functional tiles from Italy Since early 2007, Nuova Riwal… Read more »

Luxury Spanish Tiles From Cifre Group

High-quality, functional floor and wall tiles directly from Spain CIFRE group is a solid trading company with over 30 years of experience in the tile industry. Currently, there are four manufacturing centers, producing 65,000 m2 per day with more than 400 employees.  Each production centre specialized on a specific product, to ensure maximum efficiency. Trend-setting ceramic tiles with a wide… Read more »

Italian Tiles Of Floorgres Designed And Offers

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A trademark of the architecture Floor Gres is reflected best the architectural requirements, the company offers materials and surface of quality and combines technical and aesthetic vision along with the last environmental building codes. Floorgres ensure environmental respect from natural sources and by latest technology. His name is nature – Italian tiles There are ways, on which you can make… Read more »

Floor And Wall Tiles Of Islatiles – Italian Porcelain Stoneware

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Italian glamour Perhaps it is true that the style can be marked and labeled. Also, with any specific country, you can equate creativity and passion. But if again invented the production processes in a non-standard way, this constitutes much. Enthusiasm and creativity combine with technical knowledge and those on drugs and make the products of the leading approach. Floor and… Read more »