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Spanish Tiles By Gayafores Designed And Presented

Gayafores Spanish tiles online order
Gayafores floor tiles terrace outdoor

More than a century, the Spanish tile factory Gayafores is active in the decorative style and the timeless ambience. Clearly and definitively man delivers great high quality ceramic tiles and beautiful appearance. GAYAFORES is known in over 80 countries on five continents. The new offers and opportunities for the furnishing solutions that are adapted to the needs of the market… Read more »

Italian Tiles Of Flaviker Pisa Rays Luxury And Aesthetics From

backstage Bisque Flaviker tiles
CityLine dark grey tile floor

Flaviker PISA is a part of ABK group, founded in the year 1992. Fired porcelain tiles are the end products of this company, and it offers a rich selection of designer colors and textures for your home. It has used high-quality technology and environmentally-friendly methods, to constantly develop the aesthetic porcelain stoneware. Italian tiles of Flaviker Pisa The following collections… Read more »

From Italy – Ariana Ceramica Stoneware Tiles

arenaria Ambra style floor tiles from Italy
wall tiles bathroom patterns Galassia Avario

Tiles for the bathroom and living room, order online and buy Founded in 1967, the company represents your new identity to Ariana Ceramica. It remains the best tile factory in the area of Sassuolo ceramic. The large variety of products is constantly tested and improved. Ariana offers granite “double-fired” and wall tiles from faience technology. Chic and exceptionally the Ariana… Read more »

Porcelain Stoneware Tiles By Ariana Ceramica Italiana

Agata Tortora precious floor tiles
sabbia Larix collection wood tiles

Porcelain stoneware tiles from Italy in your own home We will show new, exclusive collections of fine porcelain stoneware tiles in this post, which are manufactured by the Italian factory Ariana Ceramica from natural materials. Tiles this product lines capture color and texture in a perfect way and today this decoration has become a real trend! Ariana Larix series consists… Read more »

120 Italian Tile Designs Of Rex

Alabastri Di Rex stair flooring Italian tile designs
Alabastri Di Rex stair flooring tiles floor

The Italian designer has fascinated the culture of different peoples factory “Rex”, by it has highlighted accents such as luxury, style and natural beauty. All tile designs and collections are created from granite and have properties such as toughness and hardness, which make the tiles suitable also for outdoor use. Italian tile designs – the Alabastri di Rex collection The… Read more »

Beautiful Tile Decoration Made Ceramic Wallpaper Look

Dekofliesen as wallpaper
Dekofliesen with floral patterns and birds

Romantic Dekofliesen of ceramics that look like wallpaper Do you Dekofliesen are not comfortable enough for your living room? Then you should look at this beautiful ceramic wall tiles more. Combine the benefits of wall tiles and the soft, ornate texture of the wallpaper. The French manufacturer of Novoceram has produced a variety of Dekofliesen with filigree patterns. Two variants… Read more »

13 Ultimate Romantic Bathroom Ideas

bath amenities shiny floor tiles marble optics
bathrooms French design in purple

Bathroom ideas – 13 ultimate bathroom with romantic flair Are you one of these people who just want to have a bathroom, but stand on a special romantic amenities? If Yes, then you will know to appreciate our current collection of ultimate bathroom designs. Sometimes it is claimed that a romantic bath is more suitable for young honeymoon couples. Believe… Read more »