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Decorative Wallpaper – Stunning Colors, Patterns, And Designs

art wallpaper nursery cars
art wallpaper nursery Bunny bear

Stunning Dekotapete transforms the look of the room Today, the Dekotapete has become a real art. Colors, patterns and fabrics, the Dekotapeten Empire are widely applicable and enrich the interior design of many apartments. Inspired by culture, history and art have tried worldwide innovative methods for the production of wallpaper and established manufacturer.  Contemporary tapestries offer a huge variety of… Read more »

Cheap Wall Tiling With Artificial Stone

cheap wall tiling artificial stone wall panels stone look way
wall cladding with artificial stone wall panels stone look kitchen

Quirky, robust atmosphere directly by nature The modern home complete with cast stone creates a beautiful ambience in each room and decorated the walls. A similar motif is still warmth and coziness, which offers a built-in fireplace. An accent wall with built-in bookshelves looks fabulous and has the peculiar texture, shapes and colors of an artificial stone. Adds fantastic look… Read more »