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Beautiful Murals That Bring The Serenity Of Nature Home

mountain landscape water murals
lake landscape with rocks murals

There are such themes for wall design where the line between the banal and the fascinating is so narrow. This is probably true for the murals in XXL format with depictions of nature. Something like that had already grandma in the apartment… But on the other hand, they are often so beautiful and bring a lot of peace and relaxation… Read more »

Stone Walls In The Interior: Modern Furnishing Strategies

antique ideas stone walls deco ideas
flaming decoration elements stone walls interior design ideas

The modern interior design strategies with stone walls range from complete wall design of a room or apartment to the skilful staging of the spots around some components. This achieves characterful design and homely feeling. Combine with modern living ideas works particularly well if you discover the right approach. Below we present some very well working stone wall ideas! Through… Read more »

Brick Wall – 55 Ideas On How To Enhance The Modern Kitchen

Brick wall in the kitchen in bright color nuances
Brick wall in the kitchen in combination with white wall tiles and wooden work surface

Even though brick is typical for the exterior, brick walls nowadays are particularly popular in the interior. These find a beautiful application in every room in the modern apartment. They captivate the view, as they are unique highlights in the room. Through brick walls one sets beautiful accents, because they can be combined with certain colors excellently. You also create… Read more »

23 Creative Ideas For Wall Decoration In The Guest Room

Creative wall design with color wall design ideas 2016
Creative wall design with color wall design ideas flooring wood furniture

The wall decoration in the guest room is a creative task. If you look at it, then you are on the right track. You can also assign some functions to this room. This allows us, for example, to enlarge a room visually or to reduce a dimension in favor of another one, etc. You can opt for walltaptes and thus… Read more »