Baby Bed Buy – 66 Ideas For Baby Room

COTS design baby's room design wood floor fur carpet of grey Chair

Buy the right baby bed – useful tips for design and safety

Babies probably spend most of the time in their cribs, than anywhere else. Comfort and safety are therefore always said when a baby bed. Most babies stay in their first cot until 2-3 years. So you have to buy something, really long.

Buy baby bed – set the baby room with a cot in the retro style

COTS design baby rooms set up ideas of beautiful carpet long curtains

Buy functional baby bed

baby beds suitable cot buy drawers colored pink accents

Modern baby bed with colored stripes could be a great eye-catcher in the baby’s room

baby cot buy colored stripes baby room fur carpet open shelves

Buy the crib a few months before the birth of your baby!

It would be right to buy the crib a few months before the birth. So select it alone and make a well considered decision. You have time to decide which would be the most appropriate place for the baby’s cot. It must be far away from the window. You must also be sure, that’s there not pulls. This is the second stage. Let us now look on what criteria we need to make sure if we buy baby bed.

The selection of cribs on the market is nuanced

baby cot buy functional design storage seat light green wall color

Simple design in white, which you can integrate into almost any interior

COTS design mattresses baby room curtains cushion

The baby room with white furniture set

baby cot buy white furniture fresh nursery

White design with wooden accents is a discreet and elegant choice

baby bed buy Turbobeds white wood accents nursery of set up

Foam mattress

The foam mattresses are suitable for those looking for a cheap and easy option. You can be different thicknesses. But that is not the only criterion. Need to pay attention not only to the thickness, but also to the density of the foam. Unfortunately you can judge badly this, since most foam mattresses are packed. Read various testimonials about different models, if possible, and then make a decision to purchase.

The convenience plays a big role in the selection of the baby bed

COTS Design Baybzimmer Blau Grün bench wood floor

Not too wide slats

A different criterion, which you need to consider when buying a baby crib is that the blades are not too wide apart. Definitely not the danger must be that something gets stuck.

A baby bed should meet certain criteria

COTS simple design Theanimalprintshop kids carpet plant

White cot fits great in the girls room

COTS the right model search the mattress of white chairs white carpet

Secure corner posts

If a buy baby crib, make sure that it features secure corner posts. This may not be too high, because otherwise hangs the clothes of the children remember.

Adjustable mattress height

Most cribs allow the change of the height of the mattress through a simple mechanism. It is very important that this works well. It is used all the time. If your little ones can already sit, the mattress can be higher. She must be low for the safety of the children when the baby is.

Bearing in mind the mattress height

cot buy bed linen seat Strip carpet geometric curtain pattern

Safe, comfortable and functional – important criteria for baby bed

baby cot buy trendy products functional design

Create a modern and functional room, where the small treasure feels comfortable

Bebybett shopping tips certain criteria corresponding colored kids white wall color


Afford to throw the bed before you buy it. You need to be sure that it is not upset or break later together with the child.

Baby bed with wheels

cot bed buying tips wheels fresh baby room design

Richly decorated sturdy baby bed

COTS design baby room ideas wallpapers Sidetable

The Extras

If a buy baby bed, it is worthwhile to inform even after the various tools. You need to have all. Some could however prove your needs as particularly appropriate.

Some COTS have an extra bed including

COTS designs Myitalianliving functional baby room design

Practical solution for twins

COTS of design Aliexpress twins of colored carpet wardrobe heart

Even more to the safety of your little ones

All of the listed criteria, which you need to consider when buying a baby crib, are important. Nevertheless, should be always the safety of your child in the first place. Your child may not hurt. Still, his health should never be in danger.

Use a baby bed with fold-out pages

The cot with fold-out pages have been created with certain advantages in terms of intended. We advise you to avoid the use of this. Sometimes they can be opened at random by you or the baby. It happens, you incorrectly closes it. If then the baby it leans, this can lead to an accident.

A fun baby bed makes the children happy

COTS designs funny pieces of white furniture baby room design

Stylish baby cot

COTS design wood bed linen colored dots stripes rug bright walls

Dear without bumper

Baby crib with bumpers are still often to buy on the market. However, they represent a major threat to according to several organizations. Rather they should refrain.

For ancient cribs

On the one hand, a used baby cot can be healthier. It is sure that the chemicals of manufacturing are already gone. Many such are namely used in the production of materials and the paint. On the other hand, the stability of old cot subsides. They may be used for this reason with caution.

Be careful with the decorations

You would have to be extremely careful when it comes to decorations of the bed. She’s beautiful, but dangerous. For example the baby clothes can hang some decoration.

Baby bed with bed canopies will astonish their no daughter!

COTS design baby maid four-poster bed toys

Carefully decorate the baby’s cot

baby cot buy nice linen pink accents

Do the critical

Finally, we would emphasize that you must realize the purchase of baby bed with highest level of security. Under no circumstances you may be satisfied with something, in its safety and comfort, you are not 100% sure.

Fun to decorate the wall behind the baby bed with a de Coquette

cot buy select designs nursery gray wall color pink accents

Modern design provides comfort and style

baby cot buy Mamanatural modern design blue nursery

Wooden cot for your little boy

baby cribs baby room design carpet open shelves wall decoration

Fun bedding refreshes the baby bed

cribs bedding blue wall cloud wall stickers tree

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